In the offer of the isprzet.pl store you will find many Wacker Neuson products. They include, among others:

  • Single direction & reversible vibratory plates.
  • Tandem & trench rollers.
  • Rebar tiers.
  • Vibratory plates.
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The offer of Wacker Neuson is very extensive

The Wacker Neuson range is extensive. It includes, among others, devices for:

  • Concrete - internal vibrators, external vibrators, portable frequency converters and trowels.
  • Compaction - vibratory rammers, vibratory plates, rollers.
  • Demolition - breakers & saws.

Wacker Neuson also offers excavators, portable power generators, balloons and lighting towers, and various types of pumps - e.g. submersible.

Why should you choose Wacker Neuson?

  • The company focuses on sustainable development and economical solutions. The brand's products are characterized by high quality, as well as environmentally friendly constructions. Sustainable development is a priority for the company. More and more products meet the strict environmental friendly criteria set by the brand. They are marked with the ECO seal - ecology & economy.
  • Operator assistance systems. Some of the brand's products, including telescopic loaders, have been enriched with the Vertical Lift System (VLS), which allows smoother and safer work.
  • The use of modern technologies when working in the open air. These include the use of hydronic heating, which effectively defrosts the soil and accelerates the drying of concrete. At the same time, they emit much less carbon dioxide than traditional methods used so far.

The history of Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson is a German company that has been on the market since 1948. It offers high-quality construction equipment to its clients. The brand is the first company in the world that produces economical construction equipment with electric drive, environmentally friendly.

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