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In the online store you will find high-quality pressure washers and machines for cleaning paving stones. We have both stationary and mobile models that facilitate the cleaning of large outdoor surfaces where dirt accumulates all the time. You can use the pressure washer to clean the terrace, pavement, driveway, and to refresh garden furniture. The pressure washer  releases the liquid  under high pressure, thanks to which dirt particles are removed almost immediately - which significantly speeds up cleaning work.

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On our website, you will find mobile high-pressure washers, which are divided into cold and hot water. They have a very simple principle of operation. The pipe should be connected to the water intake, then the machine takes the liquid and delivers it to the spray gun, from where it flows out under high pressure. High-pressure power washers are lightweight and some models are equipped with wheels to make them easier to move from place to place. Nilfisk washing devices available in our online store have a convenient Click & Clean system that allows the use of various types of washing brushes, nozzles, or sprinklers. High-pressure cleaners may differ in the length of the hose and additional equipment as well as water pressure . Premium class washers have a durable induction motor, detergent dispenser, and a metal pump with brass or ceramic cylinder heads.

The isprzet. pl store offers not only mobile devices but also stationary high-pressure washers - they are much larger and more efficient. The machines work with electric motors, but in our store, you will also find high-quality devices powered by gasoline or diesel fuel. Stationary high-pressure washers are used in construction, industry, agriculture, car washes, and cleaning companies. Professional cobblestone cleaning devices can consist of three, four, or even six pumps that allow up to twelve people to work simultaneously. All stationary high-pressure cleaners are devices resistant to long-term operation, and their motors do not generate too much noise.


Branded high-pressure washers by Nilfisk, Pramac, and Probst can be found on the website isprzet. pl. It is a guarantee of quality, reliability, and long service life of the machines. Check the assortment available on our website, and if in doubt, contact our consultant - by phone, e-mail, or chat.

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