Portable diesel tanks


Portable fuel tanks will be useful both on a farm and in a small industrial plant, car workshop or on a construction site. On our website isprzet.pl, you will find high-quality tanks fuel, thanks to which you can store and transport fuel very easily.

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The portable fuel tank is primarily characterized by resistance to external factors. The solid structure and high-quality workmanship of the fuel tank make the product will serve you for a long time. Most of the tank models available on our website are made of polyethylene, thanks to which the products are resistant to mechanical damage, harmful UV radiation, and variable temperature and weather conditions. The basic equipment of the fuel tanks includes, among others, digital or analogue meters, as well as efficient pumps of various powers. The containers were made by well-known and reputable manufacturers e.g. Kingspan – a marketleading manufacturer of energy management solutions for over 40 years. Each of the tanks offered meets the stringent quality standards and ADR requirements, which means that they are suitable for storing flammable diesel fuel.

The Kingspan TruckMaster portable diesel fuel tank is designed for the safe transportation of diesel fuel. It is available in four capacities from 200-900 litres. TruckMaster offers a lightweight, robust, and portable diesel tank solution giving users the ultimate convenience by allowing them to transfer and refuel remotely on-site. This range provides a quality costsaving and compliant diesel storage olution. The TruckMaster key benefits are as follows:

  • go anywhere - with the efficiency of an oil tank in miniature, its portable design reaches places where a tanker cannot go
  • reliability - a 5-year guarantee, all backed by localised excellent customer service and after sales support
  • important design features - it can be easily lifted with specifically designed lifting eyes or by using a forklift
  • environmental protection - the specially designed area under the lockable lid houses the equipment in a secure leak-proof area
  • full compliance - the 114 gallon TruckMaster has been tested to meet the requirements of the European agreement (ADR) for the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road


In our online store isprzet.pl, you will find many different variants of portable diesel fuel tanks - the range includes products with a capacity of 200 to 900 litres. All transportable fuel tanks are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. If you do not know which tank to choose, contact our customer service department by phone (731-431-134) or e-mail address (bok@isprzet.pl), as well as chat available on the website.

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