Husqvarna Construction Products


The store offers high-quality, popular Husqvarna products. These are products mainly used in construction. In our range of equipment, you will find high-class devices like power cutters, whose main advantage is precision and cutting speed.

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Choose from models that differ in disc diameter, weight and engine power. In our store, you will also find convenient table saws. They allow you to cut bricks or building blocks. We also have a large selection of cutters for fresh concrete, including ring and hydraulic models. We also distribute core drills, construction works and electric floor milling machines. We also offer high-frequency aggregates, air purifiers and industrial vacuum cleaners.

Husqvarna's offer – three main pillars of activity

Husqvarna's offer includes many devices that work well in various types of environments. Discover three main pillars of the brand's activity.

1. Equipment needed in construction

Equipment used in construction is a huge part of Husqvarna products. The company offers equipment for grinding, preparing and polishing floors. Husqvarna devices are characterized by their performance and durability for many years. High-quality components and highest technologies - those are the reasons why the brand is so popular among professionals. All above-mentioned products are available in our offer.

Husqvarna also offers wood cutting and processing machines and equipment for gardeners. The items do not appear in our store's offer, but they are worth mentioning.

2. Wood cutting and processing machines

Woodcutting and woodworking devices are manufactured for professionals in their industry. Husqvarna's range includes powerful saws - versatile and safe to use. In addition, the brand also offers a wide selection of cutters that will work when cleaning green areas, trimming hedges or brush. Husqvarna also provides the accessories necessary for the proper use of the above machines. These are chains, guides for chainsaws, fuels, and equipment for filling tanks.

3. Equipment for amateur gardeners and professionals

Husqvarna also offers garden care tools. Take advantage of lawnmowers, blowers, petrol cutter for cutting a hedge, brushcutters or trimmers. Automatic mowers are a novelty in the Husqvarna offer - they cut the lawn without your help.

Why should you choose Husqvarna equipment?

  • The brand cares for the environment. Among other things, Husqvarna chainsaws have an X-TORQ® engine that uses less fuel and consequently produces less exhaust gas.
  • Support for an extensive service network. When choosing Husqvarna equipment, you can count on the help of professionals who know all the secrets of your equipment.
  • Intelligent and unique functions of construction machines. It is a guarantee of high efficiency and excellent results associated with performing precise works.

Husqvarna history

Husqvarna is a Swedish company that dates back to 1689. The company is characterized by a long tradition and history, which is combined with a great deal of experience. At the very beginning, the company dealt with the production of muskets, bicycles, hunting weapons, motorcycles and kitchen equipment. Only after some time did she find her profile, which turned out to be a bull's-eye. Today, the company focuses on the production and distribution of equipment needed in construction, woodworking, and gardening. They owe their reputation not only to experience but also to high quality and openness to new technological solutions. In addition to the Husqvarna brand, the company also has Garden, Partner, and Mcculloch.


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