Pouring concrete is a complex process – it requires appropriate skills and equipment. It includes, for example concrete pokers, which improve the work with this bond. Concrete pokers vibrating element is in direct contact with the concrete, thanks to which it removes air bubbles from the mass, what guarantees its best consistency and density.

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Thanks to concrete pokers, we can remove air left, and special sensors also allow you to control the density of the product, because in this type of tasks you can easily overdo it and lead to some problems that are difficult to deal with later – in other words, it will result in the delamination of the product components and, as a result, it will be unusable. Concrete pokers are of various forms, for example modular devices are available. They consist of exactly 3 elements – a drive, a shaft and a vibrator head – which, depending on our expectations (variations of each of the mentioned parts), can be combined with each other. The basis of such equipment is the vibrator drive, which in our store is vailable in two versions: electric and combustion. In addition, we offer several varieties of flexible shafts, which act as a "connector" and the last element, the vibrator head. These three elements are connected together to form poker vibrators. Modular vibrators have an advantage that distinguishes them from other concrete pokers, that are sold as a one product . As it was already mentioned, modular pokers consist of three components. This means that we can not only create one "whole" model and easily modify it, but also replace individual elements depending on our needs. It is worth remembering that we can change modular vibrators as we want – personalize them and adjust their power and operation to the given tasks. If you need a concrete vibrating product, then the concrete modular poker vibrator is for you!


There are at least three main types of concrete poker vibrators.

  • Pneumatic vibrators – their vibrating elements are driven by compressed air. You need a compressor for this type of equipment to work properly.
  • Modular vibrators (mechanical) – as the name suggests, it is a set of modules that need to be connected together to generate vibration. The advantage of modular poker vibrators is that you can change their components as needed, for example replace a short shaft with a longer one. The poker can be driven by an internal combustion engine or an electric engine.
  • High requency internal vibrators – devices with a built-in converter are distinguished, thanks to which they are ready to work immediately after connecting to an electric source. There are also vibrators without a converter – you need to buy it separately. A converter is a device mused to change the voltage. You will need it if your equipment requires a different voltage than that you have access to.


Some models of concrete poker vibrators, that are available in our store, have a vibrator head made of cylindrical bearings. They are also often subjected to induction hardening, which makes them distinguished by high durability. The vibrator head can also be repaired. Poker vibrators, which you can find at, are characterized by a long service life, and worn components can be easily replaced by new components – just remove the rubber plug. The devices have an electric engine with high efficiency and best standard. Many pokers concrete also have a thermal overload switch. On the website, you will find poker vibrators from renowned manufacturers, such as Wacker Neuson, Husqvarna, Altrad Belle, Enar, Kreber.


If you are looking for a high-quality pokers concrete, check the store offer. You will find many new, labelled equipment that makes it easier to work with concrete. We gladly invite you to get to know with our assortment!


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