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In the offer of online store you will find professional equipment for block paving - among others: Halder hammers, various grippers, clamps, screeding rails, and screeding bars.

Paver cart Mimal WBR

Paver cart Mimal WBR
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We offer hammers, screed bars, forest equipment, and non-rebound mallets known and valued in the industry, such as Halder, Probst, Mimal and Jazon. A wide selection means that you can adjust the technical parameters of the products to suit your needs. We guarantee affordable price, which in this category starts from several dozen zlotys.

We are an internationally-oriented company - many customers have trusted us. Features that make us different are many years of experience in the industry, a comprehensive offer, as well as professional and proven solutions. The range of products available in our store is very wide, but we are constantly expanding it so that everyone can find something for themselves. They will find application in the repair and maintenance of machines, paving blocks, industry, agriculture, and forestry as well as craftsmanship.

Examples of tools for pavers available in the store

In our store, you will find many devices that will help you with all kinds of works. They come from proven and well-known manufacturers from the industry and are distinguished by their long life and resistance to mechanical damage. Our store offer includes:

  • Halder hammers, short and long - most models have replaceable tips. They are also necessary in flashing works, and carpentry.
  • Concrete slab lifters - thanks to them you can lift heavy elements of urban architecture and replace with new ones or move them to another place in one go.
  • Kerb lifters.
  • Vacuum lifter for pavers - allows precise and trouble-free blocks placement. For light materials, work can be carried out by a single person.
  • Paver grippers - make it easy to pull out individual blocks from the pavement, without destroying the entire structure and components.

The use of paver tools

Tools for paving are useful - lifting devices brick handles and block cutters, as well as solid hammers, carts, and professional paver laying machines, are very popular. The handle is used for fast moving and stacking slabs, prefabricated elements, blocks, and stones. Some models are hand-held devices operated by two or four people. In our store, you will also find mechanical devices that should be suspended under an excavator or a similar machine. Paver splitters are used to split various types of building materials such as concrete blocks or stones. They guarantee effective work and will prove itself during many years of use Most models are equipped with practical wheels for easy transport.

High-quality hammers and other professional equipment used for block paving can only be found at

The popular tool is a rubber hammer with tips that dampen vibrations and are resistant to abrasion. They can be equipped with solid shafts made of various materials, such as wood, metal, or fiberglass or blades selected for the equipment. Hammers with soft tips are used for curb laying, garden planning, landscaping, and even for flat blocks. This universal equipment works not only in professional factories but also in small, private workshops. A device that greatly improves the comfort of work is a cart for transporting vertical rows of paving stones, which can be lifted directly from the pallets. Another application of the truck is transporting various materials to the construction site. This type of tool is versatile and works wherever speed and efficiency count.

You can find professional and high-quality equipment at

In our online store, you will find a wide selection of block paving equipment and a comprehensive range of exchangeable accessories. You can count on our support in choosing a reliable product that will meet your needs. Our specialists will be happy to providea ll the necessary information - please contact us via chat before you will add it to straight to the basket. We provide customer service on a highest level.

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