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Ammann group is present in more than 100 countries around the world - over the years it has grown with  ther brands until it eventually evolved into a distributor and manufacturer.

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Ammann is a Swiss leader in the industry of mixing equipment, machines (including compactors and ollers), and construction services. Swiss precision ensures the durability and reliability of the brand's products. The company was founded in 1869 – initially, it was supposed to be only a workshop used for the newly created mill in Madiswil, but the technological sense of its founder brought the company to its present state.

Over the years, it has changed its headquarters many times, but the concept of operation, productivity, and quality of products have remained unchanged - thanks to this, the company, despite changing technologies and the development of the construction industry, has continuously remained on the market as a leader in its business. Over 150 years of the company's history has allowed its employees to gather experience and skills, which are turned into innovative solutions - gaining recognition from customers from all over the world.


Choose light, ultra-efficient and reliable compactors. These machines are distinguished by enormous surface performance and at the same time are famous for long-term, trouble-free operation. Various types of compactors are available for sale, including tamping rammers, single direction vibratory plates, and reversible vibratory plates. Such a wide range allows you to adapt the equipment to specific construction works. It is worth noticing that, thanks to the high compacting force, flexibility and intuitive operation,

this Swiss manufacturer's reversible vibratory plates have always made an impressive impact on the job site. What is more, the protective hoods are made of innovative and impact-resistant plastic. As far as vibration rollers are considered, they are designed to be used on small and medium-sized building sites.


Order the professional construction equipment from the popular manufacturer Amman today. If you do not know what parameters of the device will be the best - contact us! We will give you a hint and explain what the centrifugal force or the compaction frequency is in a given model of the compactor. In addition, we will determine what weight of the machine will be adequate to the intensity of the expected use at the construction site. Convince yourself of the ultra-high performance of machines, as well as technological innovations that affect safety and comfort during work. Check out all Ammann products now!

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