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In our store, you will find products manufactured by well-known brands such as Topcon or Nivel System. The choice of high-quality equipment guarantees durability and precise measurements.

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In our store you will find many types of levels

Our online store offers a wide range of levels. You can find high-quality tools and equipment suitable for both professional and private use. There are lots of levels available in our offer such as optical, pipe, electronic, laser devices as well as theodolites.

Optical levels

Optical level is one of the most popular and most often chosen measuring devices. It is equipped with high-quality optics protected against fogging and guaranteeing sharp focus. This equipment is intended for surveyors, road builders, builders, archaeologists and other specialists who require the highest precision and reliability from a measuring instrument. The most innovative laser levels are accurate to the millimeter.

Pipe lasers

The pipe laser is a specialized device that allows precise determination of direction and slope using a laser beam. It provides quick and accurate carrying out works such as laying curbs, cables, etc. It is very easy to use and resistant to harsh operating conditions device equipped with laser light that supports e.g correct laying of pipes. The green laser light beam, which is much more visible than the red spot, is worth using in darker rooms.

Electronic levels

Electronic levels are very easy to use. Measurement is much more accurate than in the case of traditional levels. The whole process involves comparing the patch image obtained from the CCD with the pattern saved in the instrument's memory. This type of equipment is extremely precise - using it, you can almost eliminate the reading error.

Laser levels

Laser level is another modern measuring instrument that is used to determine height differences (leveling) and to set out straight lines. This equipment enables measurements to be made by one person only. Its advantages are wide measurement capabilities such as the range, accuracy, operating modes and functions of the electronic tilting of the laser beam.


Theodolite is an extremely precise measuring instrument. Thanks to it, you can easily and quickly determine the direction, angle, and slope. This is one of the most important measuring tools on the construction site, which is characterized by a fairly extensive structure for this type of instruments. These devices are resistant to harsh weather conditions, which means that they can be used for work even in heavy rain. Theodolite operation is very intuitive and trouble-free. Typical applications include construction and geodetic works, angle measurements, determination of slopes as well as all works related to the determination of directions and straight lines

You can find professional levels in the store

We have worldwide customers, checked equipment and experience in the geodetic industry. In the store you will find a comprehensive offer of the highest quality products, constantly updated with new items. You are kindly invited to get familiar with the levels available on our website.


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