Optical level Topcon AT-B4A (+ tripod, + laser stave)

Catalogue number: AT-B4A [zestaw1]
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The Topcon AT-B4A optical level (is the successor of the very popular model on the Topcon AT-B4 market) belongs to the group of instruments with excellent value for money. Is one of the most popular and most frequently purchased optical levels in Poland. The instrument is equipped with high-quality optics, protected against fogging and guaranteeing very good image quality. The magnetic compensator allows measurements to be made in unstable areas, where a tripod with a level can be exposed to constant vibration. The instrument is resistant to dust and water (IPX6 standard) and thus can be used in harsh conditions - during rain or in a dusty environment. The level is intended for surveyors, road builders, builders, archaeologists - for all specialists who require the highest precision and reliability from a measuring instrument.

Topcon optical levels are known for their high-quality optics. Thanks to it, these instruments allow you to determine the height differences with the highest accuracy. Riflescopes with a magnification of 24x to 32x and a diameter of 32 - 45 mm with an easy-to-use focus adjustment system, provide a sharp and clear image of the patch and thus facilitate accurate aiming and error-free readings. Magnetically damped compensators are responsible for automatic levelling of the instrument's target axis and thus protect users against erroneous readings resulting from inaccurate manual levelling of the level. All Topcon levels are characterized by high resistance to atmospheric conditions, therefore they can be used in virtually any environment. The TPI company checks every new level before selling and rectifies it if necessary. The client receives an instrument certificate confirming the correctness of the device's operation.

Variant description: 24x magnification, the kit includes SJJ1 tripod and TS-50 stave

Technical characteristics

accuracy for 1km double-run levelling
2 mm/km
Telescope length
214 mm
122 x 214 x 140 mm
Resistance class
minimum focal lenght
0,2 m
Field of view
Lens diameter
32 mm
Resolution capability
1,5 kg


  • The highest precision of measurements – thanks to the excellent Japanese optics (telescope with 24x magnification), the level ensures accuracy of 2 mm per 1 km of double levelling,
  • Resistant to harsh operating conditions, resistant to vibration and shock – the built-in magnetic compensator automatically levels the instrument and thus facilitates work in places with unstable and vibrating surfaces (e.g. on a construction site where heavy machinery passes), high water and dustproof standards (IPX6),
  • At a minimum distance from the staff – the equipment is adapted to work with a minimum target of 0.2 m in length, which allows levelling the area close to the station without having to change it,
  • Ease of use – the rangeless horizontal wheel slider allows you to precisely aim the level at the staff, and the vial with the mirror allows easy and quick levelling of the instrument,
  • Light and small – the compact housing and light and durable construction materials mean that the level can be set on a small tripod,
  • Stable and reliable – professional TPI after-sales service ensures the instrument works without any unexpected interruptions.

Set Contains

  • Topcon Optical Level AT-B4A,
  • Telescope curtain,
  • Rectifying needle,
  • Transport case,
  • Manual user instructions,
  • Instrument certificate,
  • Authorized service guarantee,
  • Nivel System TS-50 telescopic staff – a durable 5-piece, 5-meter levelling staff for classic measurements. Levelling vial included, clamp with metal ring, carrying case,
  • Aluminum Nivel System SJJ1 tripod – a light tripod for clamps with a flat head. It has durable clamps blocking the tripod legs, a comfortable carrying strap on the shoulder. Feet tips made of metal provide the required stability on any surface.
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Optical level Topcon AT-B4A
Gross price
396,37 €358,72 €
Optical level Topcon AT-B3A
Gross price
681,65 €616,89 €
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