Rotating lasers


In our store, you will find high-quality, long-lasting laser levels. The equipment enables work with both vertical and horizontal beam. Moreover, tilting the body and various rotational speeds of the head are also possible. You can use the device both during works inside and outside the building.

Laser level Topcon RL-200 2S DIGITAL Compare
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Laser level Topcon RL-H5A Compare
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Laser level Topcon RL-H5A

Laser level Topcon RL-H5A
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1 700,36 €1 538,83 €
Laser level Topcon RL-H5A Digital Compare
Installments 10x0%
Laser level Topcon RL-200 2S Compare
Installments 10x0%

Laser level Topcon RL-200 2S

Laser level Topcon RL-200 2S
Gross price
6 413,01 €5 803,77 €
Laser level Nivel System NL540 Compare
Installments 10x0%
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Discover professional laser levels of recognized manufacturers

Our online store offers a wide selection of well-recommended laser levels. Select from a wide range of Nivel System and Topcon devices.

Nivel System

At first, the Nivel System brand focused on the production of measuring accessories, but over time expanded its offer with optical and measuring tools necessary in geodesy and construction. Currently, Nivel System is a reliable manufacturer of, among others, high-quality laser levels.


Topcon is a valued Japanese manufacturer that offers measuring and leveling instruments. They are comfortable in use, durable and solid in construction. This combination guarantees equipment with very good performance parameters that will last for many years. The main feature of Topcon devices is high precision - thanks to this your work will be effective and efficient in all weather conditions.

Laser levels - what you should consider when purchasing

  • Laser level accuracy. The most accurate equipment is the one with an accuracy of 1 mm per 10 m
  • Battery life. The good ones have small rechargeable batteries, which after charging allow for long measurements lasting up to 24 hours.

You can find professional laser levels on our website.

If you are looking for an efficient and high-quality laser level, check our online store offer. We have reliable equipment from recommended manufacturers in the industry. The choice of a brand is a guarantee of long-term, trouble-free operation, a large spare parts market and the possibility of servicing in authorized workshops. We kindly invite you to do the shopping in our store!

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