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In the isprzet.pl online store you will find high-quality manual wall chasers. Thanks to the offered range of products, your work will be efficient and fast. Products available on our website are equipped with powerful motors that does not require high voltage and  allow easy cutting of furrows even in very thick, compact materials (brick or concrete). Electrical chasers are suitable for making grooves in floors and walls. It is an easy way to equip a building with heating,  electricity or any other type of cabling. A wall chaser is usually 110 voltage.

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The Spanish brand Enar produces cordless concrete wall chasers equipped with the most powerful engines on the market. The isprzet.pl store offers the Enar M95 and Enar SC 200 models - they have single-phase motors with a power of 2.8 kilowatts and 2.4 kilowatts, respectively. It is this element that determines their effectiveness when working with hard materials. These products enable the execution of furrows with a depth of 25 to 50 millimeters, depending on the selected blade. The cutting discs we offer are very efficient. Both models allow for the creation of 125 running meters in the brick and 60 running meters in the cement block. One tool is able to cut up to 14,000 running meters of furrows. The rotation speed of the most powerful wall chasers discs is as much as 1200 per minute. The Enar company offers a special model of the wall chaser, the optimal width of the cutter allows you to cut one fitted groove. Enar equipment is distinguished by ergonomic handles, thanks to which the device fits well in the hand. This means greater comfort in operating the machine, better results and increased work safety. Another advantage is the ability to work at different angles. This allows you to cut vertical and horizontal furrows as well as straight and curved lines. In addition, the offered wall chaser is suitable for working with lime blocks, cement plaster or gypsum.

In such conditions, all finishing works run smoothly and quickly. Wall chasers available at isprzet.pl are machines that every construction and renovation company should have in its equipment.


All electric and manual wall chasers offered in the isprzet.pl online store are distinguished by high quality and precision of individual construction elements. In addition, we offer professional assistance in choosing the right equipment, as well as in applying for subsidies for equipment from the Employment Office or the European Union. If you have questions, you can contact us by phone, e-mail and chat. Enjoy your shopping!

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