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The isprzet.pl online store offers various types of easy to start, light and powerful cutter models. Their high power will help you to get the job done successfully. Husqvarna offers heavy duty machines including petrol, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric cutter. Depending on the intended use and specific parameters, these machines can be helpful in construction works, renovation and demolition works. This type of equipment is also used in the creation of road infrastructure.

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Husqvarna power cutters devices are characterized by versatile use, what makes some models suitable for home use. What's more, the power to weight ratio and anti vibration system make you can work long hours without much fatigue. It is worth noticing that some models also have springloaded system with easy and optimal belt, which ensures optimal belt tensioning or digital ignition which means optimised engine performance and very easy start. On our website isprzet.pl, you will find power cutter models with very different parameters. Let's have a look at Husqvarna K970 model. It is characterised by 2 stroke engine, the magnesium blade guard, blade diameter max 14 in, strong Poly-V belt (combined with maintenance free starter and efficient filter system) which ensures long service intervals. This model is also equipped with Active Air Filtration, which is one of the most efficient air filter systems on the market. Check, what is in our offer and invest in the cutter model you need.


The isprzet.pl store offer includes 8 categories of cutters. There are, for instance: Walk-behind floor saws are suitable mainly for cutting asphalt and concrete. Masonry saws provide maximum precision, thanks to which, you can cut concrete, bricks and more delicate materials, such as tiles and ceramics.Table saws, including cutters for glaze tiles and ceramic tiles, are smaller and equipped with an appropriate cutting blade. Among the models of table saws, you will also find construction cutter models, which are used for cutting bricks and concrete blocks. Chain power cutters models, due to their great power, provide wide possibilities of movement at any angle. You will use them when cutting concrete, stone and other hard materials. Their greatest advantage is the ability to cut holes in the wall without the cutting effect, as it happens in the case of circular saw blades. Wall saws facilitate vertical, horizontal and diagonal work. They also give the possibility of cutting depth and in hard-to-reach places, what significantly extends the possibilities of their use. They provide high cutting precision.


Always hold the petrol power cutters with both hands. The stability of the operator's position is also important. The equipment must be handled with care, without applying excessive pressure. A possible disc breakage can have serious consequences. Also, make sure that the blade does not get stuck in the material being cut, so it is better to make several small cuts than one long. Avoiding diagonal cuts and choosing the right blade, also protects against wedging. You should also be careful with splinters and slivers flying from the object being cut. It is best to use glasses, a protective mask and gloves. Do not use the combustion cutter while standing on a ladder and holding the equipment above your shoulders. When cutting small objects, make sure they are properly immobilized. When you are making dry cuts, work breaks are recommended for effective blade cooling.


The isprzet.pl store offers cutter models of the highest quality. We offer models manufactured by such companies as Husqvarna, Tyrolit, Dr. Schulze, Enar and more. Our rich assortment is directed mainly to companies to which we also offer comprehensive assistance in applying for subsidies for the purchase of specialized equipment. We provide convenient payment methods and we efficiently answer customer questions asked by phone and e-mail. We cordially invite you to get familiar with our offer of combustion cutter models!

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