Power cutter Husqvarna K 970 (400 mm)

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Rugged, reliable, light and robust, the Husqvarna K 970 power cutter is ready to do every job. This is the best choice when a versatile cutter is needed, dealing with the harshest conditions, regardless of the climate and fuel quality. Used with the KV 970, the truck is suitable for road work. Besides, the cart helps the user to focus on the task entirely. The kit does not contain a shield.

Variant description: Blade diameter 400 mm

Technical characteristics

Two-stroke, air-cooled
4.8 kW / 6.53 KM
Engine displacement
94 cm³
Number of cylinders
Exhaust emissions
736 g/kWh (CO2 EU V)
Sound Pressure Lpa
104 dB(A)
Sound power level
115 dB(A)
Vibration level
3.5 m/s² (left handle), 4 m/s² (right handle)
Cutting depth maximum
155 mm
Diameter mounting hole disk
20 / 25,4 mm
Maximum disc diameter
400 mm
Length x Width x Height
688 x 214 x 481 mm
11.6 kg


  • Smooth and Optimum belt tensioning – the semi-automatic SmartTension system minimizes the risk of shortfalls and over-tensioning.
  • Reduced weight the magnesium blade guard helps to improve ergonomics and increase the power-to-weight ratio.
  • Light and powerful machine with excellent power.
  • Light Magnesium alloy blade guard for easy cutting thanks to the ability to adjust continuously.
  • The possibility of using different spindles the double-sided sleeve allows the use of discs with a hole of both 20 mm and 25.4 mm.
  • The filter should be inspected regularly and replaced only if the user notices a decrease in power.
  • High power with less fuel consumption the SmartCarb™, an integrated automatic filter loss compensation system, allows you to maintain high power and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Fewer exhaust emissions and lower fuel consumption the X-Torq® engine produces fewer contaminants and consumes less fuel, providing more power.
  • Shield slower reduces the time that the shield stops when the machine is turned off, so you can quickly jump to the next task.
  • Maintenance-free starter-dirt-protected starter with hermetically sealed return spring and pulley bearing in principle do not require maintenance. It is also equipped with a durable cable.
  • Less wear due to a drive belt with a hermetic casing protecting it from dust.
  • Cutting close to walls and floors-possible thanks to the reversible cutting arm.
  • Active Air Filtration™ a two-stage centrifugal air purification system and a single paper filter increase life and prolinate intervals between filter cleaning
  • Less vibration on the cutter handle means more comfort and longer working time.
  • DuraStarter™ Starter is maintenance-proof thanks to the protection against dirt and durable rope.
  • EasyStart facilitates start-up by reducing compression in the cylinder.
  • Ribbed V-belt-provides better power transmission, less often requires tensioning and extends maintenance intervals.
  • Double-sided cutting arm a drive belt with a hermetic housing protects it from dust slower and allows you to cut closer to the walls and floors.
  • SmartCarb™ the Integrated automatic filter loss compensation system allows you to maintain high power for the entire life of the air filter.
  • Wet cutting system less abrasive and water consumption thanks to the progressive valve, which precisely regulate the flow of water.

Durability and reliability

Less sensitivity to external conditions and fuel quality thanks to cylinder design with integrated heat deflector.

Easy start

The unique design of the carburettor, cylinder and electronic ignition system together with the fuel pump and decompression valve ensure easy starting.

Long work without downtime

The durable V-ribbed belt together with our maintenance-free DuraStarter ™ starter and the efficient Active Air Filtration ™ filter system ensure long, uninterrupted work.

Less pulp and less water consumption

The Husqvarna wet cutting system ensures excellent dust removal. The progressive valve enables the fine adjustment of the amount of water, effectively binding the dust and reducing the amount of slurry.



  • Cutting when customizing window and door openings,
  • Cutting asphalt during road work,
  • Cutting of building boards, curbs, sidewalk and blocks,
  • Laying of various types of cables,
  • Regular cutting of floors and walls,
  • Pipe cutting.
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Power cutter Husqvarna K 970 (400 mm) + diamond blade
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