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Power generators allow the generation of electricity in situations where access to electricity is limited. This equipment is perfect for construction sites, fire departments, hospitals or industrial plants - those places that cannot function without a constant electricity source.

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When choosing a portable electricity generator, you must first determine the total capability of the devices you plan to connect to the machine. It is worth adding to this value the surplus generated during the start-up of electrical devices - electrical devices then consume about 30% more electricity. The next step is to choose the right place where the portable generator should work. A single-phase or three-phase power generator is a perfect solution for larger outdoor events in places distant from the electrical network. Another thing to look out for is the specification of a particular device model.


A petrol generator can provide enough electricity to many devices and machines. Stationary models are much larger and heavier. In our online store isprzet.pl you will find both stationary and transportable models - they are characterized by easy operation and high performance. Modern models are equipped with, among others, the SZR system, which automatically starts the emergency power supply in the event of a power outage, and the AVR function, i.e. automatic voltage stabilization. What is more, even small generators can be equipped with practical elements such as an additional cover, large fuel tank, foldable carrying handles or automatic shutdown when oil is low. The engine type is usually a combustion one. Petrol generators are usually quite small tools.


In our online store isprzet.pl you will find a high quality electric generator portable from well-known and respected manufacturers: Wacker Neuson, Sumera Motor, Altrad Belle, Pramac, Endress, Chicago Pneumatic and Benz. The devices will work on construction sites, industrial plants or farms. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!


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