Trailers work well for transporting a large number of heavy items that cannot fit in the car. Private people, construction and transport companies use them frequently.

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Brenderup is a Swedish brand that has been producing various types of trailers for years. It is a company with many years of experience in the market, which knows the need of its customers and their expectations. Brenderup products are characterized by high-quality materials, durability, as well as versatility, and modern design. The brand also offers many different types of accessories, thanks to which you can modify the trailer to meet all your needs in different way


In the online store you will find interesting and multifunctional models of trailers. They are divided into individual series of products that distinguish between the possibility of transporting goods of different weight and size.They are of top quality and you can enjoy using them at home and at work. Among them are:

Trailers from the mc series - intended for moving motorcycles, both classic Harleys and modern racers. Products from this series are equipped with two motorbike places, trailers for securing and stabilizing.

Multi-purpose trailers - strong trailers with a solid structure, intended for the transport of construction machinery and heavy equipment. They are equipped with manual ramps, as well as a convenient and small loading angle.

Cargo 7000 trailers - trailers used by transport companies. Their load capacity enables the transport of large-size items.

1000 series - small, but very roomy trailers - their load capacity ranges from 375 to 640 kilograms. They are suitable for gardening or cleaning in the home space. They have a strong V-shaped structure. You can use their space in full.

Series 2000 - trailers with an integrated brake and sideboards. The standard equipment includes internal handles for securing the load, which ensure safety on the road.

Series 3000 - solid and elevated trailers, with wheels mounted underneath to maximize the loading area. They were equipped with opening sides.

4000 series - strong and durable trailers with great load capacity. Thanks to the reinforced structure, they can carry up to 1605 kg. Some models are available with all opening sides.

5000 series - extremely strong and roomy trailers used to transport heavy objects or devices.

6000 series - a multifunctional cargo trailer with a tilting platform. Perfect for transporting construction machinery and cars. Payload from 2,449 to 2,610 kilograms.


If you are looking for a trailer made of high-quality materials, check the assortment of our store and find out about details. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer. Follow our website. If you need any help, feel free to contact us.

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