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In our online store you will find high quality paving carts. They may prove to be an essential element optimizing the placement of the block. This type of work requires high precision as well as basic knowledge. You can work more efficiently with specialized equipment. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

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Which adjustable block transport cart should you choose? What models can you find in our store?

The assortment of our store has a wide selection of models that will certainly meet your expectations. We offer Jazon, Probst, and Mimal models from reputable manufacturers. Each device of these brands is characterized by high strength, durability, and resistance. In addition, the assortment also includes, among others, a vtk-v adjustable paver cart with a support wheel for easy handling on even ground.

What to look for when buying the right model?

There are four main parameters that you should pay attention to when buying a vtk-v product. Specifically, it is about:

  • Gripping width.
  • Capacity.
  • Working height.
  • Weight.

Paving trolley – in what works is it necessary?

Paving carts with the possibility of transporting heavy loads will work during various paving works. They are primarily helpful when laying paving stones and will also be useful when working with difficult elements of pavements, e.g. curbs.

Advantages of a paver trolley - why should you buy it?

It is also important to know that paving carts are a cheaper alternative to professional and much more expensive transport models. The operation of the paver trolley consists of clamping materials directly from the pallet and transporting them to the designated place.There is no need for a ramp. This universal equipment will work at any construction site. Its transportation is also easy.

High-quality paving carts can be found at

To optimize paving work, it's worth investing in a professional trolley for carrying heavy and bulky materials. Thanks to it you will reduce the time of work and the effort that accompanies them. You can find reliable and trouble-free paving carts in our online store We cordially invite you to shop!

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