Submersible pump Tsurumi HS 3.75S

Tsurumi Pump
Catalogue number: IHS3ECRD
EAN: 4944792107911
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1 214,01 €
1 044,05 €
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Tsurumi HS 3.75 S is a submersible electric pump for pumping water contaminated with sand, gravel or dust. These pumps can be used to drain trenches, ditches, wells or drainage. Its biggest advantage is small dimensions, high efficiency and durability. There is no suction plate in the pump.

Variant description: Lifting height 18 m, capacity 300 l / min, connection diameter 3"

Technical characteristics

Cable lenght
10 m
Pressure resistance
10 m
Maximum solid handling
7 mm
Maximum performance
300 l/min
Maximum height lift
18 m
Engine power
0,75 kW / 1 KM
Connector diameter
75 mm
Clear water
19,6 kg
4,8 A (rated)


  • The spiral pump body with a large cross-section allows easy transport of sand and other deposits. The engine is well cooled so that the pump can run dry for a long time,
  • Side outflow – the spiral flow makes pumping water with sand or sludge without any problems. The pump runs dry safely even when it is partially submerged or when it draws in air,
  • Long service life and simple operation,
  • The pump body is resistant to abrasion. Access to the rotor is possible after unscrewing only three screws,
  • Newly developed engine – the aluminium motor body is lightweight and provides good cooling.


  Submersible pump Tsurumi
Specification Pump
Components Impeller Semi-vortex impeller
Bearings Shielded ball bearings
Shaft seal Double mechanical seal
Material Impeller Urethane rubber
Casing Ductile iron casting EN-GJS-700-2
Suction plate
Shaft seal Silicon carbide in oil bath
Specification Motor
Casing Aluminium die casting
Shaft Stainless steel EN-X6CR13
Cable Rubber − H07RN-F
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 230 V (single phase)
Built-in motor protection Miniature protector
Type Induction motor, 2 poles
Insulation Insulation class E
Lubrication Turbine oil − ISOVG32
Protection IP 68
Specification Pumping Fluid
Medium type
Spring water, rain water, ground water, sand carrying water
Temperature 040° C
Specification Other
ø Discharge bore mm 75 mm
Discharge Connection Threaded flange / Hose coupling
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Submersible pump Tsurumi HS 2.4S
Lifting height 12.2 m, capacity 207 l/min, connection diameter 2''
Gross price
854,85 €735,17 €
Submersible pump Tsurumi HS 2.75S
Engine power 0.75 kW, lifting height 18 m, performance 230 l/min
Gross price
1 214,01 €1 044,05 €
Submersible pump Tsurumi HSA2.4S (+ float)
Set includes float. Lifting height 12.2 m, capacity 207 l/min, connection diameter 2″
Gross price
1 100,85 €946,73 €
Submersible pump Tsurumi HS3.75SL
Lifting height 10,8 m, capacity 580 l/min, connection diameter 3
Gross price
1 214,01 €1 044,05 €
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iThe Seller does not verify the added statements (opinions, comments or any other statements), in particular, does not verify them in terms of whether they come from Customers who have purchased and used the Products.

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