Construction pumps - they save from oppression

Construction pumps - they save from oppression

Water is necessary to carry out any construction work, but in excess, it can be a huge problem. In Poland, we deal with it every day. Marshy terrain, rainstorm, local flooding - all this can stop construction work even for a few days. Then the only remedy is to use an efficient pump. We present one of the most popular devices of this type on the market.

Tsurumi pumps - equipment for special tasks

The Tsurumi brand is known in the construction industry around the world. It is a manufacturer of very high-quality submersible pumps, intended for use in the harshest conditions. The company offers, among others pumps capable of pumping sludge and even bentonite, which is why they are also used in mines.

Among the models of Tsurumi submersible pumps we can find:

• LB - it is a light drainage pump equipped with level adjustment using sensors.
• HS with agitator - a very versatile model for various jobs.
• HSD with agitator for bentonite - a portable model fitted with a unique agitator for sludge and bentonite.
• LSC - is a single pump for removing residual water, e.g. from basements. The device is capable of pumping out water to just 1 mm.
• NK - a submersible pump with a strong structure, thanks to which it offers maximum efficiency under challenging conditions with 230V power supply.
• KTV - pump made of aluminium, making it very light. It has a stainless steel shaft and a cast iron, Semi-Vortex impeller with increased wear resistance.
• OCT - a pump which, thanks to the execution of thick-walled cast iron, is also used in maritime shipping.
• KTVE - it is a light pump equipped with a control electrode that allows automatic switching on and off.
• KTZE - the shoe is equipped with automatic water level regulation using the wire. It has a strong structure.
• KRS - an extremely durable pump with a 4-pole electric motor designed for intensive work.
• KTV2 - light sludge pump with agitator.
• GPN - a very durable slurry pump designed for working in the sand. It has a hardened steel impeller.
• KTD - abrasion resistant sludge pump.
• KRS2 - another sludge pump with an engine speed of 1450 rpm.
• NKZ - special sand pump for high lifting heights.
• LH - high-pressure pump designed to work at considerable depth.
• LH-W - an ideal choice for deep water sources.

PT 150 BBA Pumps

It is a very efficient Dutch production pump for wellpoint installations. It offers an efficiency of 90 m3 / h. The delivery height is 20 meters, and the suction height is 9.6 meters. The pump can run dry without restrictions. It emits just 48 dB (A) at a distance of 10 meters. It has an exhalation module that is prepared for installing a PDF filter or DOC catalyst.

It is a duplex PT double acting piston pump. This means that self-priming pumps can work with air, water or any mixture, without the need for a separate suction system.

The pump has a patented suction valve seat and improved hydraulics, thus offering very high efficiency, also in the field of vacuum generation. It is a durable construction (piston rods are made of stainless steel and specially polished). The machine is also equipped with an integrated stone catcher, which protects the internal components of the pump.

The showcase of the pump is the Direct Drive Design drive, in which the manufacturer used precisely machined gears and an automatic lubrication system to ensure better efficiency and less noise.

The serviceman obtains easy access to the cylinders, valves and glands thanks to the inspection openings, which considerably facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of the pump interior. It is worth paying attention to replaceable piston bushings, which should be regularly rotated to extend the service life. The manufacturer used a quick clamping system, which significantly facilitates the rotation and possible replacement at the construction site.

The machine drives a 10 HP electric motor with over 90% efficiency. It consumes a maximum of 1.5 litres of oil per hour. The manufacturer has provided for long service intervals of 1500 hours. The unit requires 25% less engine oil and is very ecological - it emits 10% fewer emissions than standard constructions. A 4-year limited warranty covers the pump.

All pumps described are the highest quality equipment intended for heavy work in the most challenging ground conditions. Entrepreneurs choose them because performance and reliability are the most important for them, and these constructions guarantee that. Tsurumi and BBA pumps


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