Tamping rammer Wacker Neuson BS 70-2 (280 mm)

Wacker Neuson
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Two-stroke BS 70-2 rammers from Wacker Neuson have long been a standard in the construction industry. They are designed for maximum productivity, efficiency and durability. The new generation is now even stronger. The two-stroke rammers are powered by the WM 80 engine, which was specially developed by Wacker Neuson, and thanks to the catalyst, the level of exhaust emissions are much lower than all the limits provided for in the standards. Also, the tamper automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of idling, thus saving extra fuel and reducing emissions.

Variant description: Weight 74 kg, foot width 280 mm

Technical characteristics

Engine model & manufacturer
Wacker Neuson WM80
Engine type
Combustion (petrol)
Engine power
1,7 kW (at 4400 rpm)
Engine displacement
80 cm³
Fuel consumption
1,3 l/h
Fuel tank capacity
3 l
Petrol / oil mixture
Centrifugal force
20 kN
Stroke at the ramming shoe
65 mm
74 kg
Length x width x height
673 x 343 x 965 mm
Plate width
280 mm
Plate length
340 mm
Strokes frequency
Advance travel
149 m²/h (depending on the soil and external factors)

Engine from our own development

  • High and immediate power through pump on the carburetor
  • Specifically designed for use in soil compaction

Operating hours counter

  • For compliance with maintenance intervals
  • Installed in all models as standard

Comfortable transport

  • Large and flexible transport lug
  • Easy loading and stowing by transport rollers on the handle

Comfortable operation with auto-choke

  • Only one lever for idling, starting and stopping


  • High performance  high churning frequency, strong impact, high impact energy, fast movement,
  • Low hand-arm vibration thanks to a unique spring-loaded handle,
  • Typical for two-stroke models  also fully functional in an inclined position,
  • The narrow design enables compaction in narrow trenches,
  • The small centre of gravity gives a strong drive,
  • High stability prevents tilting and facilitates the work of the compactor.
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Tamping rammer Wacker Neuson BS 50-2 (280 mm)
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Tamping rammer 66 kg Wacker Neuson BS 60-2 180 mm, WM80
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iThe Seller does not verify the added statements (opinions, comments or any other statements), in particular, does not verify them in terms of whether they come from Customers who have purchased and used the Products.
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