Laser level Topcon RL-SV2S (+ tripod, + laser stave, + LS-B110 laser sensor)

Laser level Topcon RL-200 2S (+ tripod, + laser stave, + LS-B110 laser sensor)

Catalogue number: RL-SV2S [zestaw4]
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Catalogue number: RL-200 2S [zestaw4]
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Warranty: 5 years


The Topcon RL-SV2S laser level is a multi-purpose laser level with a visible red laser beam. The laser enables both horizontal and vertical work with high accuracy of 2.4 mm / 50 m, and its working range with the laser sensor is 800 m (working diameter). The laser functions are managed via a control panel with an illuminated LCD on the instrument or remote control (also with an LCD). The laser is easy to use. The functions are activated immediately. After turning on the power, the equipment levels itself automatically.

Variant description: Red laser beam, set includes the SJJ32 crank tripod, LS-24 laser stave and LS-B110 sensor

Technical characteristics

work time
Rechargeable batteries 55 h, alkaline batteries 90 h
+/- 10” (2,4 mm/50 m)
Resistance class
+/- 15% (in both axes X, Y)
Head rotation speed
300/600 rpm
Self-leveling range
Horizontally/vertical: +/- 5°
Working temperature range
-20°C to +50°C
Work range
800 m
Power supply
Rechargeable batteries Ni-MH (included)
Source of light
Visible laser,red (635 nm), class 3R, 2.4 mW
2,6 kg
Length x width x height
196 x 177 x 217 mm


  • Easy, quick and accurate measurements – RL-SV2S can work both indoors and outdoors, determines the beam horizontally or vertically, the generated plane can be tilted in one or two directions (within +/- 15% for the axis X and Y). The introduction of slopes is done digitally from the laser deck (LCD display) and the remote control. The head rotation speed can be changed (300/600 rpm), thanks to which the level can also be used to work with machine control systems. The laser beam masking function enables switching off the laser emission in a given range, which will prevent the overlapping of laser beams in the case when several laser levels are working on the construction site.
  • Long-range - laser beam without restrictions – "Topcon Long Range" technology and high-speed rotation of the head - provide a very long range of work carried out - 800 m. The laser is equipped with a new Topcon diode (2.4 mW), emitting highly focused light. This diode can emit a laser signal over long distances while maintaining a millimetre, thin thickness of the displayed beam (the beam does not split, at long distances it is still very thin, guaranteeing the high accuracy of measurements).
  • Accurate and reliable equipment – the level is built based on an electronic compensator, eliminating vibrations and ensuring precise levelling of the laser plane. The machine is equipped with the TILT function, protecting it against unwanted changes in the height of the laser setting. RL-SV2S is resistant to dust and water, confirmed by class IP66. Also, the rotary head is protected by a glass body, and the laser housing has two handy handles that make it easy to carry and place on a tripod.
  • Convenient power supply – the rechargeable battery pack ensures a working week on one charge. Rechargeable batteries can be quickly removed from the storage drawer and replaced with ordinary batteries (the working time is doubled), which protects the laser in case we forget to recharge the batteries. The laser operation can be suspended - the "sleep" function, which in practice allows energy saving.
  • Extended use five years warranty – measuring equipment used in the construction site is subjected to the highest endurance tests. Working both in dusty rooms and in severe field conditions, surrounded by heavy machines, it should ensure stable operation - correct measurements. That is why Topcon, supplying measuring equipment for almost 80 years, puts the quality of its products first. This thesis confirms that all Topcon laser levels, including RL-SV2S, are covered by one of the most extended warranty period on the market, five years.



  • RL-SV2S laser level,
  • LS-80L laser sensor,
  • Sensor holder (for staff),
  • Pilot (RC-60),
  • Rechargeable batteries (Ni-MH, BT-74Q),
  • AC adapter (AD-15),
  • Transport case,
  • Instrument certificate,
  • Authorized service guarantee,
  • Nivel System SJJ32 crank tripod – a stable, aluminium device for work in all conditions, with a maximum height of 3.2 m. It has a flat tripod head with easy assembly of the laser on the boom with measuring tape. A robust leg locking system for clamps, metal foot tips that provide the required stability on any surface are the product's most significant advantages,
  • Nivel System LS-24 laser stave – aluminium patch for classic measurements with a maximum height of 2.4 m - practical slider for sensor handle, levelling vial, transport cover included
  • Topcon LS-B110 machine laser sensor – a wide range of laser beam reception (25 cm), 360 °. Solid mast mounting with clamps - for manual masts or a handle - for mechanical masts (purchased separately). Great work accuracy depending on the needs (from 3 mm to 30 mm). The large, readable LED display helps in controlling the height of the blade or excavator bucket (1D systems). Cooperation with Topcon 2D automatic machine control systems. IP66 protection class. Electronic level.
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