Reversible Vibratory Plate Wacker Neuson DPU 3070 H

Wacker Neuson
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The DPU models with 30 kN centrifugal force belong to the class of versatile all around plates, which are ideal for compacting paving stones, horticulture and landscaping, and the maintenance of roads, paths and parking lots. They come with a robust integrated wheel set, like all Wacker Neuson vibratory plates in the 25 - 37 kN class. The machines of this class offer a kind of job site mobility that is unique in the market. Their great agility and compact design make these vibratory plates the perfect choice for continuous use by professionals when compacting sidewalks, trenches and other confined spaces. Different models with three operating widths are available.

Variant descritpion: Weight 195 kg, plate width 700 mm

Technical characteristics

Width x height
700 x 777 mm
Engine type
Diesel engine
Engine model & manufacturer
Hatz 1 B 30
Fuel tank capacity
5 l
Fuel consumption
0,6 l/h
90 Hz
Engine displacement
347 cm³
Centrifugal force
30 kN
Advance travel (maximal)
18 m/min (depending on the soil and the external factors)
Surface capacity
756 m²/h
195 kg
Engine power
5,4 kW / 7,3 KM
Plate width
700 mm
Plate length
703 mm
Height of the protective frame
777 mm
Base plate thickness
10 mm

Very low hand-arm vibration (HAV)

The specially designed center pole from Wacker Neuson generates very low hand-arm vibration (HAV) below 2.5 m/s².

This allows for continuous operation all day long without impairment and without hazard to the end user.

All documentation requirements are omitted if an operator only works with equipment that has acceleration values below 2.5 m/s².

Intuitive control handle design

The speed is regulated and the travel direction is changed through the forward and backward movement of the handle.

The control panel

  • Built to be sturdy and therefore well-protected against dirt and moisture.
  • All functions and displays in view and easily accessible: Ignition lock, operating light, charge control lamp, jump start pin, operating hour meter (optional).

Jump start pin

  • Very easy to access for easy charging of the battery, for example after a winter break.
  • No risk of dirt accumulation. The jump start pin is protected and is only pulled out if necessary.


  • That is unique! Integrated and extremely robust wheel set: Even hot asphalt or cumbersome curbs cannot harm the wheels,
  • Exceptionally long service life even with the toughest jobs: GJS-700 base plate; the optimal combination of break and wear resistance,
  • Guide handle shock mount and integrated lateral guiding systems enable effortless and precise work,
  • The automatic locking mechanism of the guide handle has no play, ensuring safe transport,
  • Powerful diesel engine with great reserve capacity. Model variations with extra fast advance travel and electric starter available.
All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.
Reversible Vibratory Plate Wacker Neuson DPU 3050 He
Electric starter
Gross price
10 686,24 €7 266,64 €
Reversible Vibratory Plate Wacker Neuson DPU 3050 H
Weight 181 kg
Gross price
9 959,31 €6 772,33 €
Reversible Vibratory Plate Wacker Neuson DPU 3060 H
Plate width 600 mm
Gross price
10 132,74 €6 890,26 €
Reversible Vibratory Plate Wacker Neuson DPU 3060 Hts
Top speed model
Gross price
10 206,54 €6 940,45 €
Reversible Vibratory Plate Wacker Neuson DPU 3060 Hets
Weight 215 kg
Gross price
10 931,01 €6 806,99 €
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