Polishing pads for concrete


Each concrete or terrazzo floor should be levelled to maintain the highest quality and aesthetics. On large, demanding surfaces, use a milling machine with grinding segments. However, if you want to even out a small floor, use a polishing pad. High-quality articles of this type are available in our online store isprzet.pl - you will find there tools at a good price from renowned brands like Husqvarna, Dr. Schulze, and Scanmaskin. These manufacturers also offer diamond polishing pads, wet polishing pads, or dry polishing pads with backing pad for diamond, stone, granite, and marble at a good price.

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Selecting the right polishing disc is the key to getting a good finish for your concrete. The polishing pads that you can find in our store differ in the degree of abrasion and grain size. Each item guarantees a different effect - so before choosing the right polisher model, check which pad will meet your expectations. For instance, there are diamond pads intended for a specific use, i.e. wet and dry use. Diamond polishing pads can be applied to marble polishing and concrete polishing. The wet polishing pad is ideal for polishing in stone shops. Fine-grained tools are suitable for sanding thick and uneven concrete surfaces. The surface of such a disc is rarely covered with large abrasive particles.

On the other hand, the greater grain size of the pad will work well during polishing or finishing works, when a small layer of binder is removed. Individual models differ not only in use, but also in diameter (e.g. 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, and many others), height, or quantity of grit. For example, a 100mm polishing pad is perfect for stone. What's more 100mm polishing pads are also perfect for use on granite and harder marbles. 100mm dry diamond polishing pads have different grits. Grits on polishing pads are similar to the grits on sandpaper and range from 30 to 3000 grit. The lower the grit amount, the coarser the pad is. The pattern moulded into the cutting surface plays a significant role in the lifespan and the cutting quality, i.e. pads used for coarse honing (30 and 50 grit) have an aggressive, open pattern with wide and deep channels, while the ones that have many narrower channels are best only for polishing (400 to 3000 grit). The diamond tools available in our online store ensure longer life, trouble-free operation thanks to the use of high-quality materials for their production - for example, resin binder.

The most expensive pad uses the best industrial diamonds, while the cheap pad uses low grade diamonds. Take advantage of the isprzet.pl offer today and choose a polishing pad or grinder for concrete, stone, or marble.


You can find high-quality, brand new concrete polishing pads, variable speed angle grinders, and other grinding tools at a good price in our online store isprzet.pl. We cordially invite you to check the shopping offer of our company!

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