Masonry saw Husqvarna TS 350 E (400 V)

Masonry saw Husqvarna TS 350 E (230 V)

Catalogue number: 965148002
Additional number: 965 14 80-02
Availability:  Discontinued product
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This product is no longer available (discontinued)

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Catalogue number: 965148001
Additional number: 965 14 80-01
EAN: 7391883148662
Gross price
1 463,56 €
1 346,47 €
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Net price: 1 094,69 €
Availability:  In stock
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Warranty: 1 year
Masonry saw Husqvarna TS 350 E (230 V)
Gross price
1 463,56 €1 346,47 €

Technical characteristics

92 kg
50 Hz
Matching for blades from 300 – 350mm
1120 × 600 × 600 mm
Cutting depth maximum
100 mm
Cutting head
Blade shaft wrench
Transport wheels
Cutting length max.
700 mm
2,2 kW
400 V
Blade shaft speed
Electric pump with quick release clamp
Water pump
Runner for straight cutting
Runner for slant cutting
Folded legs
Diameter mounting hole disk
25,4 mm
Maximum disc diameter
350 mm
Quick disconnect flange
Emergency switch
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