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In our online store, you will find professional electronic levels. Thanks to them you can carry out very accurate horizontal and vertical measurements. Those devices have convenient operating modes that allow you to express the results as a percentage or a degree. They are also resistant to harsh working conditions, in dust or dirt. It includes warranty and post-warranty care of the Nivel System authorized service center.

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Check the electronic levels of reputable manufacturers available in our store

The electronic level is an extremely precise device which enables necessary measurements during all kinds of construction, renovation and finishing works. In our online store, you will find many models of measuring devices, including durable and fast to use equipment from renowned brands such as the Nivel System. The electronic levels of this brand have been equipped with an LCD, which has a useful function. It "freezes" the measurements when reading them is difficult. The device is useful in many situations, especially when assembling elements vertically, horizontally or at a certain angle - thanks to the electronic level you no longer have to worry about incorrect and inaccurate measurements. Most models are sold with a transport case and battery.

You can find branded and proven equipment on our website isprzet.pl

In our online store, you will only find proven equipment that meets all applicable quality and safety standards. The electronic levels available in the offer are durable and resistant to harsh working conditions at the construction site, including adverse weather conditions. Some of the offered models have been equipped with innovative solutions useful during work, such as a laser beam. Thanks to it you can designate references for all construction works. Regardless of its type, each electronic level is easy to use. In isprzet.pl, you will also find other measuring devices that will make your work much easier! You are kindly invited to get familiar with our offer.

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