Bomag specializes in the production of equipment for the compaction of soil and asphalt. Bomag produces tools such as light equipment, compaction plates and rammers, compaction rollers, stabilizers, recyclers, milling machines, and asphalt pavers. Compaction equipment is used in many industries - including construction and gardening.

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Bomag also offers a wide range of professional solutions for landfills, companies that renovate and reprocess asphalt construction or stabilize the soil. Bomag offers light equipment, many different types of additional components and parts, thanks to which customers can invest in a more extensive version of the machinery. Bomag products ensure ergonomic work - for example, levellers and compaction equipment like compactors with vibration damping mounts. Some devices are powered by a gasoline engine.


Bomag was founded in 1957 in western Germany in the city of Boppard, where the company's headquarters is still located today. Bomag employs about 2,300 people in 18 branches around the world. There are 6 branches located in Germany. The brand's products are distributed to over 150 countries around the world. Bomag light equipment and machines are characterized by reliability and high quality. They have been supporting the construction of roads and bridges for over 60 years. Year by year, Bomag has developed its offer of newer and newer technologies to improve road works every year. Check the Bomag's offer in our store and see why Bomag is one of the most popular brands in the world in the road construction industry technology.

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