Recommended laser distance meters for home and industry
Recommended laser distance meters for home and industry

Recommended laser distance meters for home and industry

Most renovation and construction works require adequate precision. Making measurements using traditional methods is burdened with a smaller or larger measurement error and takes more time. Sometimes these values are acceptable, but during some tasks, precision is of great importance. In such cases, appropriate measuring instruments are used, such as distance meters otherwise known as laser ranges. We will explain what these devices are for, how to use them, and present recommended products from our store - including new products from the proven Nivel System and PRO brands.

The use of laser distance meters

The laser distance meter is used to measure the distance between it and an opaque object. The most common is the laser with the red laser beam, although in our offer you can also find examples emitting green color. laser measuring devices are most often used in the construction industry, geodesy, and finishing works. Due to their easy availability, a large selection and affordable prices of distance meters, they are often used in home workshops. The high precision of these devices oscillating within a few millimeter error range and their simple operation mean that not only enterprises but also individual users are interested in purchasing laser distance meters.

Performing a distance meter measurement

The operation of this type of device is very easy. To make a measurement, first, place the instrument at one end of the measured segment. Then you need to aim the laser measuring device at the other end of the section to which you want to measure the distance. Due to the safety of use, the power of the distance meter has been limited, which unfortunately translates into a measuring distance limit. The type and condition of the material to which the laser beam is directed (e.g. its porosity or humidity) also have a great influence.

Some newer models of laser distance meters also offer the possibility of making simple calculations, such as surface area, volume, or Pythagoras functions allowing for indirect height or width measurements.

Recommended distance meters for home and industry

In our store's offer, you can find professional, resistant, and precise laser rangefinders of proven brands. Get to know the solutions we recommend, which will work both at home and in the industry.

First, we'll look at the capabilities of the Nivel System HDM-70 distance meter. The instrument guarantees a measurement accuracy of +/- 2 mm and a working range of up to 70 meters. It allows you to save up to 100 recently performed measurements as well as to send them to a computer or telephone. Another suggestion is the Nivel System HDM-50G distance meter with a working range of up to 50 meters. This model emits a green laser beam, which is even more visible. The HDM-50G model has the same functionalities as the previously discussed copy, i.e. saving and exporting results to external memory, including the function of calculating the surface area or volume. The Nivel System HDM-120 laser distance meter with a working range up to 120 m is an offer for more demanding users. It has a measurement accuracy of +/- 2 mm. The operation of the equipment is simple and intuitive, and the obtained measurement values ​​allow you to create a space plan, which can be sent as a PDF file, e.g. by e-mail.

It is also worth mentioning the PRO distance meters, which are also made of high quality and durable materials, and the devices themselves are characterized by great accuracy. We can recommend, among others PRO DL-100X laser distance meter, with a working range of up to 100 meters. The instrument has a built-in digital protractor, electronic vial, and anti-slip buttons. It guarantees a measurement accuracy of +/- 2 mm.

All of the above models were constructed following the IP54 protection standard. This means that they can also be used in adverse weather conditions, such as rain or heavy dust.

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