Reliable railway equipment - a list of the most popular products

Reliable railway equipment - a list of the most popular products

Recent years have brought vast development of road infrastructure. It can not be denied that a lot is also happening on the railway arteries. An investment in a new rolling stock makes sense only if the trains can drive on modernised and new tracks. That is why intensive work is underway on the modernisation of routes throughout the country. Executive companies complain about the lack of employees, but they can use more and more modern equipment. In this guide, we indicate tools and railway machines that are particularly worth being interested in.

Wacker Neuson 8003 two-way excavator

It is an excavator specially adapted for railway work. It can be fitted with a hydraulic mechanism that allows driving on tracks. The Wacker Neuson 8003 is primarily used when making embankments and maintenance of track systems. The chain drive provides excellent stability without compromising performance.

Wacker Neuson BH 55 RW breaker

A feature of this equipment is performance up to 1,350 beats per minute, which is very important. The hammer is powered by a gasoline engine and offers the energy of a single 55 J improvement. It is worth noting the adequate power, which should be done in the operator's comfort of work.

Airtec Master 35 impact wrench

It is undoubtedly one of the best devices of this type on the market. The Airtec impact wrench offers a great pace of work, low noise level and at the same time weighs only 18.2 kilograms. Torque control in the range from 500 to 1800 Nm is particularly useful, and in special conditions up to 2750 Nm. The screwdriver can easily handle tight bolts or nuts.

Husqvarna K 1270 Rail power cutter

We are dealing here with the most efficient rail cutter on the market, which was created especially for the most demanding jobs. The device is powered by a patented X-TORQTM engine that uses air to flush the cylinder.

A valuable addition is the magnesium blade guard, thanks to which the cutter is not only lighter, but also more precise. The Active Air Filtration centrifugal air treatment system also deserves recognition. The technology has increased the life of the air filter.

The cutter also offers reduced vibration levels and the EasyStart system, which facilitates commissioning by reducing compression in the cylinder. A useful accessory is the RA 10 connection for cutting at right angles.

Cembre SD-15PR-ECO wooden sleeper drill

This great drill has several new solutions that increase productivity, comfort and safety at work. One of them is a control button that prevents accidental starting. The centrifugal clutch causes the engine to idle and ensures that the device is ready for operation immediately after the control button is actuated.

The drill has a comfortable handle rotating in the range of 90° and an emergency lever allowing immediate release of the drill. Thanks to the shock absorbers between the drive shaft and the body, vibrations have been significantly reduced.

Cembre LD-1P-ECO rail drill

Another drill from the Cembre range is designed for making holes with a cross-section from 7 to 40 mm and a maximum depth of 50 mm. The equipment has a separate cooling unit connected via a quick coupler. The particular feature of the drill is its low weight, which, combined with the compact construction, allows free work even in hard-to-reach places.

These are just a few railway devices that you will find in our store. Call or write and check what else can offer you


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