Land levelling - what equipment should you choose?
Land levelling - what equipment should you choose?

Land levelling - what equipment should you choose?

In the beginning, it is worth explaining what exactly the levelling of the land is. We do not often meet such a term in everyday situations because it applies to specialized construction works. Interestingly, however, we level the terrain ourselves, without being fully aware of it. However, what does sporadic work in the garden or yard have for the professional activities of specialized construction teams? It can be said that a lot!


Under the concept of levelling the terrain, there is nothing other than levelling the ground surface and shaping it properly. Nothing fancy right? For conventional gardening, all you need to do is select or sprinkle some soil in specific places to get the ground as flat as possible. However, this accuracy will be insufficient when preparing the area for the construction of a house, highway, pavement or other more extensive facilities. In such cases, more advanced devices enter the game that has incredible accuracy.


Perhaps not everyone has heard of levels, but certainly, most of us have seen surveyors who were moving with a strange camera-like device. This instrument is called the level. What exactly is such equipment for? Its task is to measure the height difference between terrain points, which allows determining possible drops on the ground surface. It is worth mentioning the types of levels now because they differ in both appearance and mode of action. Let us explain, therefore, what are the differences between the most commonly used optical levels and laser levels.

Optical Levels

They belong to traditional and less complicated measuring instruments. The optical level consists of from the telescope, the compensator responsible for self-levelling the tool, the tribrach containing the levelling screws for the levelling device and the validate that allows reading the angular value from the horizontal wheel. These types of levels are trendy but are systematically replaced by newer solutions. It is characterized by ease of use and a lower price compared to laser levels. For the correct operation of the optical level, the presence of two people is required. One supports the instrument, and the other holds the patch.


Nivel System brand products are distinguished by the highest quality of artistry and incredible precision. It is no different in the case of the N32x model, which guarantees a measurement accuracy of 1.5 mm/1 km of double levelling and has a 32x magnification. The level can also be used in severe weather conditions. This is possible thanks to the IP66 resistance class, which makes it dustproof and resistant to the effects of splashing water.


Topcon is famous for the production of professional measuring instruments. It is worth paying attention to the optical level AT-B4A, which is one of the most popular levels in Poland. This model can guarantee a measurement accuracy of 2 mm/1 km of double façade. The telescope has 24x magnification, and the IPX6 resistance class covers the whole instrument.

Topcon Optical Level AT-B4A

Topcon Optical Level AT-B4A


This type of level is one of the most precise, and they can work not only horizontally but also vertically. One of the most important features of laser levels is that only one person is needed to operate them. The construction of these devices is more complicated than in the case of traditional optical standards. The most important is the moving head with the laser light generator placed on it. After starting the device, it emits a focused beam of light, which hits the detector mounted on the patch, triggers a sound signal. This allows you to read a specific value.


Tremendous precision, considerable range and legible LCD - these are just some of the features that make the RL-SV2S Digital stand out. This instrument allows you to work with an accuracy of 2.4 mm/50 m. Additionally, thanks to the use of a laser sensor, the maximum range of this device can reach up to 800 m. The equipment is adapted to work in adverse weather conditions, thanks to the IP66 resistance standard.


Professional equipment for professional applications. The NL400G Digital model is primarily distinguished by a measurement accuracy of +/- 1 mm/10 m and a working range of 500 m. The NL400G model is equipped with a green laser whose visibility is four times better compared to the red beam. The efficient battery power supply allows even several dozen hours of continuous operation. The equipment can also be operated using a remote control, and the instrument itself is dust and moisture resistant, by the IP64 standard.


When discussing the subject of land levelling, it is also worth presenting other, more specialized solutions. They will be even less popular electronic levels that offer an automatic reading of values. Their operation and design are similar to a camera. Like optical levels, they also have a telescope and a magnetic compensator. However, the operating principle is entirely different. After pressing the appropriate button by the operator, the device reads the code placed on the patch (takes a photo of it) and compares it with the code pattern of the entire piece in its memory. The whole process usually takes a few seconds.

Another solution worth mentioning is pipe levels. These devices come in the form of a round cylinder with legs. These instruments allow you to determine the direction and decline. Perfect for laying pipes, cables or curbs. Finally, we'll explain in a few sentences what theodolites are for. The design resembles optical levels. They are used to measure horizontal and vertical angles, measure distances and determine azimuths. We divide this group of devices into optical and electronic ones. In the first case, all mathematical calculations are made by the device operator. Electronic levels, in turn, are a great help because they generate the result automatically.

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