Concrete treatment in 10 steps using Wacker Neuson tools

Concrete treatment in 10 steps using Wacker Neuson tools

The treatment of the concrete substrate is intended not only to level it, but also to protect against cracking and guarantee optimal technological strength. It is a time-consuming process that requires the use of appropriate equipment. Wacker Neuson has created a comprehensive tool system, thanks to which the contractor can ensure excellent quality of the substrate treatment. The whole process is closed in 10 steps.

1. Heating the surface

If the surface is laid in unfavourable weather conditions (low temperature), it is necessary to thaw and heat the ground beforehand. This process can be accelerated by using the E 700M surface heater by Wacker Neuson, which is adapted to work in even extreme temperatures.
It is worth mentioning that the E 700M heater achieves 87% thermal efficiency and in this respect is unrivalled on the market.

2. Compaction of the surface

Now you can compact the heated substrate with a compactor with the right power. The Wacker Neuson range includes machines designed to work on compaction of soil with various surfaces.

3. Installation of shuttering structures

They enable precise determination of the concrete surface.

4. Installation of reinforcement

At this point, you can process using the cutters and the DF 16 Wacker Neuson wire binding unit. This model allows you to make up to 1000 nodes per hour.

5. Delivery of fresh concrete and its pouring

6. Concrete compaction

This operation can be carried out using IRFU and IEC Wacker Neuson internal vibrators. The correct execution of compaction guarantees obtaining the concrete with the highest strength parameters.
The mentioned vibrators are equipped with an electric motor with high punching power and stable rotational speed. The devices are characterised by high resistance to wear (among others due to the use of induction hardened maces). The vibrators mentioned above have a built-in inverter. Wacker Neuson also offers vibrators that require an IREN or IE external inverter.

7. Alignment of concrete.

The Wacker Neuson P 35 vibration screed works best for this task. The strip is very easy to use and thanks to the transport handle which is mounted on the motor, it provides free guidance.
The device is designed for levelling out any concrete. The centrifugal force is regulated in the range of 7 degrees directly on the eccentric. After applying the slats, the substrate is ideally prepared for mashing.

8. Mashing with a suitable trowel

The first part is pre-smoothing, then shaving, and finally polishing, until a perfectly smooth surface is achieved.
It is crucial to choose a device designed for a specific surface size. The Wacker Neuson range includes trowels:

  • CT 24 for edges and hard-to-reach places and small spaces (40-50 m2),
  • CT 36 and CT 48 for medium surfaces (from 50 m2),
  • CRT 36 and CRT 48 for areas above 400 m2.

Besides, the manufacturer offers an innovative electric trowel CT 36-400E, which allows work in closed rooms, does not emit fumes and guarantees very low noise.
The Wacker Neuson trowels are characterised by a high degree of reliability and safety. They are equipped with such elements as patented transmission brake, electronic safety switch or engine speed sensor. CT 36 and CT 48 models use a vertically adjustable holder with the Pro-Shift system, which enables a smooth change of blade angle and individual height adjustment. It is very comfortable and reduces the level of operator fatigue.

9. Care of fresh concrete

This is an essential step that prevents the concrete from cooling down quickly and drying the concrete during hardening. Thanks to this the substrate achieves full technological strength.
Wacker Neuson for concrete care at this stage proposes an E 700 M heater.

10. Cutting out gaps

It is necessary to prevent cracks in the concrete that could significantly weaken the structural strength of the substrate. Wacker Neuson's offer for cutting slots is designed for the BFS 1345 saw. The saws of this manufacturer are characterised by high efficiency and speed of operation, which is affected by the effective alignment of the torque and the center of gravity of the diamond disk located above the drive shaft.


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