Celebrate your child's day with mini and accessories!

Celebrate your child's day with mini and accessories!

The International Children's Day is a celebration celebrated around the world since 1954. It was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) to disseminate the ideas and goals regarding children's rights contained in the United Nations Charter, which was already written in 1945.

In Poland, the Children's Day is celebrated on June 1. It was organised for the first time in connection with the action of collecting signatures under the Stockholm Appeal. Since 1952, it has been a permanent holiday, and its initiator is the organisation International Union for Protection of Childhood, which was intended to ensure the safety of children from all over the world.

Celebrations of the Children's Day are a time of joyful games, making wishes and giving their children gifts. Remember to spend time on this special day and give a small donation.

Do you not have a gift idea? Here are our proposals for small building fans.


  • A Wacker Neuson excavator
  • Plush Wacker Neuson plate compactor
  • Caterpillar excavator
  • Caterpillar soil roller


  • Children's keyring Wacker Neuson excavator
  • Children's key ring Wacker Neuson
  • Backpack for kids Caterpillar
  • Wacker Neuson children's backpack

Baseball caps

  • Wacker Neuson Kids baseball cap
  • Children's baseball cap Amsterdam Caterpillar
  • Children's baseball cap Almaty Caterpillar
  • Children's hat Alorton Caterpillar


  • Children's Caterpillar set
  • Caterpillar diecast shirt
  • White youth shirt Bologna Caterpillar
  • Youth hoodie Breda Caterpillar

gift sets

  • Small builder set - dumper and helmet
  • Creative set - puzzle, coloring book and ruler
  • A small roadman set - loader and cylinder
  • Sand set - excavator and hat

We wish all children, younger and older, not only on their holidays.

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