What to keep in a toolbox? Which equipment to choose?
What to keep in a toolbox? Which equipment to choose?

What to keep in a toolbox? Which equipment to choose?

Every good DIY enthusiast who likes to work in his home or workshop should get a decent toolbox. It must also not forget about the basic tools and accessories that should be included in it. Sometimes it happens that we keep items in it completely unnecessarily, and which we have to carry with us for various works. So how to organize a place in a toolbox and what tools to keep in it? Be sure to check out our DIY tips!


Almost every type of renovation and construction work requires the use of basic hand tools, such as hammers, markers, knives and blades or screwdrivers. There is also an insulating tape and the popular cable ties and a measuring tape. Naturally, care must be taken to ensure that the selected hand tools take up as little space as possible. For this purpose, it is much better to buy one screwdriver with different bits than to keep in a case several different screwdrivers that differ only in the tip. In the case of a hammer, remember not to decide on a model that is too heavy. All you need is one with a short handle, which will turn out to be both handy and functional. Depending on the dimensions of the box, it will be good practice to keep a basic set of flat keys and hex keys in it.

Larger toolboxes can accommodate more equipment and accessories but are also distinguished by their greater weight. If this aspect does not bother us, then we can try additional hand tools, such as cutters, strippers, pliers, and a small flashlight. On the other hand, electricians should remember about the cubes for connecting wires and they may be tempted to use a small gas soldering iron.


Questions may arise, is it worth keeping cordless power tools in a bag or toolbox? You must remember that this type of equipment requires a charged battery to work. Therefore, when choosing, for example, a small cordless drill/driver in our toolbox, we must take into account some inconveniences. First of all, we either reserve a little extra space for a charger, or we make sure that the equipment is always ready for work. However, the best solution is to simply store this type of power tool in special dedicated packaging or a separate backpack.


If we are faced with the choice of a toolbox, remember not to decide on a hasty purchase. After all, we want to use it for several years. At the same time, it does not mean that we have to revolve around the most expensive solutions, because long-term durability does not always go hand in hand with a huge price. First of all, we recommend looking at good quality solutions by Ryobi and Milwaukee. The products of these manufacturers are appreciated by professionals all over the world. Interestingly, the sale includes not only durable toolboxes but also bags with pockets, insulating bags, organizers and grids.

Pay attention to the functionality of the box - special trays will be useful for storing smaller tools and accessories, such as screw bits or insulating tapes. Let's carefully check the quality of the hinges, because these elements are the first to be worn-out.

Another issue is to protect the product against the adverse effects of dust and moisture. More and more often, manufacturers of this type of equipment decide to install special inserts and seals, so that even during a strong stream of rain, not a drop of water will get into the closed box. Unfortunately, boxes with a high IP resistance class will also be noticeably more expensive than traditional versions of the products.


Our sales offer includes high-quality, damage-resistant and durable boxes, organizers and tool bags. What to choose for the so-called start? A 25 cm Milwaukee Packout Tote Toolbag is a pretty good solution if you are looking for something universal. This product is distinguished by high reliability, all zippers, fasteners and latches are made of high-quality metal. You can put in it, among others screwdriver sets, measuring tape, pliers, adjustable wrench and other handheld hand tools.

An alternative to this brand may be the solution of the Ryobi manufacturer - the Ryobi RTB01 tool bag. This model has a capacity of up to 25 litres. The bag has a solid handle, which makes it comfortable to carry. Perfect if you plan to keep power tools and accessories in one place. For slightly more advanced DIY enthusiasts, we recommend the Milwaukee Packout 3 BOX. The loading capacity in its case is as much as 45 kg. This box has been adapted to store various tools and devices. It has a comfortable handle and is made of solid, impact-resistant plastic.

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