We complete a garden storage – what is worth keeping in it?
We complete a garden storage – what is worth keeping in it?

We complete a garden storage – what is worth keeping in it?

Work in the garden is much more efficient if we have garden tools and garden equipment at our disposal. With their help, we can quickly and effectively take care of the garden almost all year round. Unfortunately, the more equipment we have, the more difficult it becomes to store them. However, special garden compartments can help. They can take various forms, but fulfil the same function - they can safely store all the garden equipment and power tools we need. What exactly is worth keeping in the garden tool shed? We'll explain everything in today's article.


We all value the order and organization of the workplace - also in the garden. By properly storing the necessary tools and garden equipment, we do not have to spend half a day preparing and completing them. For this purpose, makeshift garden sheds are used, thanks to which we can easily store all the tools we need to work in the garden. We can make such a structure ourselves, using readily available building materials, such as concrete slabs or boards. Interestingly, on the Internet, we can come across ready-made garden sheds for self-assembly. Their advantage is certainly the aesthetic value, although the quality and solidity of this type of construction can be discussed for a long time. It also seems quite a decent solution to find a piece of space from a home garage or an external toolbox. Modern garden equipment does not take up much space and thanks to the use of several shelves and hangers, we can close a fairly large number of elements in a small space.


As mentioned, garden tool storage can take many forms. However, its dimensions play the most important role, because both too small and too large sheds will certainly not fulfil their function. You have to consider the types of equipment that will be stored there. If we plan to have only basic garden tools at hand, such as rakes and brushes, garden shovels or spades and forks - we do not have to overdo the size of the storage box. One with an area of about 4 m2 is enough. In addition, it does not have to be hermetically sealed. The situation becomes a bit more complicated if we are going to keep larger garden equipment, such as lawnmowers, trimmers and leaf blowers closed. We remember that this type of equipment should be well protected against rain and heavy dust. In addition, machines with internal combustion engines should be provided with good ventilation. You should also take special precautions if you plan to store flammable materials, such as gasoline in a canister, in the shed. It is worth taking a makeshift driveway to the mower, so as not to struggle with it when entering and leaving the shed (especially if we have a petrol version of the mower).


The garden storage box, as the name suggests, should act as handy storage with basic garden tools. What we intend to store in it will largely depend on the type of work performed in the garden daily. If we mainly have a green area - including a large lawn or a hedge, it is worth having a hedge trimmer, a lawnmower to save space, it is worth putting on drum mowers), grass shears or a small model of a trimmer. A good solution will be to store fertilizers and accessories supporting the daily care of greenery in the glove compartment. It is different if your garden consists mainly of fruit trees and is more like a small orchard. Then the storage box will be the perfect place to safely store saw blades, chainsaws, secateurs as well as axes and hatchets. Remember that the place of storage should be well protected against adverse weather conditions.

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