Titan Tools paint sprayers: power and convenience use

Titan Tools paint sprayers: power and convenience use

Painting sprayers are irreplaceable equipment for renovation and finishing works. Both professional crews and advanced amateurs reach for quick task completion and a significant aesthetic effect. We always use the aggregates when hand painting is too time-consuming and could involve unacceptable paint consumption.

Among the contractors, Titan Tools painting sprayers enjoy a particularly good reputation, which is offered by iSprzęt.pl. In our guide, we present four simplified models of this manufacturer.

paint sprayers Titan Tools: Expert first choice

Titan Tools painting sprayers are characterised by an excellent price-performance ratio and performance. They are also very functional and convenient to use, which will be appreciated by every user, who is also dealing with this type of equipment for the first time. From the perspective of the owner of a construction company, it is also essential that aggregates of this brand guarantee deficient material consumption.

Titan Controlmax 1900 SKID

The presented painting unit owes its popularity to the fact that it has been able to reduce spattering of paint by as much as 55%. This has a considerable impact on the cost of painting.

This model belongs to the innovative generation of HEA aggregates, which - in comparison with the standard Airless technology - are distinguished by greater precision and higher comfort of work. HEA is a gentler stream of paint, which translates into the effect of a smooth, satin surface.

It is an extremely versatile painting unit that can be used for applying both wall paints and enamels or impregnants, besides without having to thin the paint.

Also, the Titan Control max 1900 SKID features many functional solutions, such as a safe and easy piston unblocking system, a pressure regulator or a durable and lightweight aluminium frame.

The unit is equipped with a spray gun LX-80 ", a hose with a length of 15 m, HEA nozzles: 311, 515 and 619, a pressure gauge, 3 filters (white, yellow, red) and a pistol extension (30 cm).

Titan Impact 400 SKID

Impact 400 SKID is a very functional painting unit that will work well in all finishing work. It can be used for applying all types of varnish, stains, standard foundations, paints and elevation expeditions.

In this model, the manufacturer used Quad + Packings / Cylinder Permalife technology, which guarantees a very long service life of the cylinder. The presented aggregate also offers the possibility of performing simple repairs by the user. This applies to the replacement of the fluid reservoir or replacement of the seal. A unique modular design with a sliding piston allows this.

The unit's weight is 12 kilograms. The maximum length of the wire is 60 meters, and the hose is 90 meters. The device operates at a maximum efficiency of 1.78 litres per minute. Generally, the aggregate is sold with the LX-80 "spray gun", the reversible 517 TR1 nozzles and the ¼ "x 50 'Airless type hose.

Titan Impact 540 HR

It is a painting unit designed for typically professional applications, such as a long-term painting of surfaces in public facilities, multi-family houses or municipal buildings. It offers a performance of 2.3 litres per minute and is powered by a 0.9 kW motor. The equipment weighs 29 kilograms.

The Quad + Packings / Cylinder Permalife technology is also used in this aggregate. A useful solution is Sureflo pusher, which allows you to start the drive without using a hammer. It is also worth mentioning the AutoOiler technology, which supplies oil from the tank to the seals - the user remains only pressing a dedicated button.

Aggregate is already very well equipped as standard - it has, among others, a full-size filter on the manifold (transmits more paint, thus protecting the gun nozzle from contamination) and a deep holster, keeping the sieve in the fluid to maintain the proper humidity of the pump.

Titan Impact 540 HR is sold in a set with an LX-80 "spray gun, a 517 TR1 reversible nozzle and an Airless ¼" x 50 'hose.

Titan PowrLiner 2850

Here we are dealing with a road roller painting, which works well, for example when painting pavements, turf or other green areas. It is very durable equipment, adapted to every day, long hours of work.

PowrLiner 2850 is distinguished by excellent manoeuvrability, making it possible to paint even complicated patterns without any problems. The device offers a performance of up to 3.22 litres per minute and paints lines with a width of 5 to 60 cm.

An essential advantage of the machine is the universal gun holder, which allows you to set spraying to the left, right, front or back of the device. In turn, the use of a slower piston in the fluid section translates into the extended operation of the invention. The built-in tank holds up to 18 litres of paint.

The Titan PowrLiner in the set has an LX-80 II pistol with a built-in filter, airless 1/4 "x 50" hose with a length of 15 m and a nozzle for painting belts TR 419 (line 4 "through a 0.019" venturi). At iSprzęt.pl we add a second FREE pistol to the set.


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