Surface disinfection in the house and industry
Surface disinfection in the house and industry

Surface disinfection in the house and industry

The year 2020 took a significant toll on the global economy. The SARS-COV-2 coronavirus pandemic caused that both household members and owners of large enterprises pay more attention to the sterility of the most frequently used surfaces. Disinfection has become a priority topic, most often discussed in the media and the Internet.

In today's article, we will present specific solutions that will allow you to keep surfaces clean and sterile not only at home, but also in industrial plants and warehouses. First of all, let's check what specific measures and actions kill all harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.


The omnipresent coronavirus pandemic has forced us to search for new – even more convenient and effective – disinfection methods. Interestingly, however, it was not possible to implement completely innovative solutions in this matter. Nevertheless, better and more convenient disinfection equipment has appeared.

Proven methods known to us for many decades, such as high temperature, alcohol-based agents or ultraviolet light, help to maintain sterility. Which method is the best for disinfecting surfaces in the house and in industry?


Steam disinfection – it has been known for a long time that high temperature kills most harmful microorganisms. At what temperature do viruses die? Steam with a temperature of 100 to 105 degrees Celsius turns out to be effective. Such an environment can be created by steam cleaners. Studies have shown that the SARS-COV-2 virus is completely inactivated at 92 degrees Celsius and an exposure time of 15 minutes.
Ethyl alcohol disinfection – solutions containing ethyl alcohol with a concentration of at least 70% have an effective disinfecting action. It is a good solution because it can be used both for disinfecting the external body and usable surfaces.
UV light disinfection – this method is most often used in industrial use. The light with a wavelength of 256 nm effectively kills all microorganisms that are not only on the surface, but also in the air.


Householders more and more often pay attention to the cleanliness and sterility of most of the surfaces in the house. Thanks to modern Kärcher solutions, like comfortable and light steamers, taking care of cleanliness and sterility in the flat has become even easier!

Thanks to modern solutions, it has become possible to disinfect surfaces in a house or flat quickly and easily. What is more, the use of this type of equipment is not complicated at all and brings many benefits – not only health! So, what does surface disinfection with Kärcher steam cleaners look like? There is nothing difficult about it! Just fill the water tank of the device, turn it on and wait a few minutes until the steam comes out of the nozzle.

The device is ready for operation almost immediately, without the need to use poisonous and irritating chemicals. It is also important that modern Kärcher steam cleaners are light and handy, so they can be operated by women or the elderly.


Steam has excellent cleaning and disinfecting properties. This means that almost any water-resistant surface can be cleaned with a steam cleaner. Currently, steam cleaners are used for cleaning and disinfecting such elements as:

  • wall and floor tiles
  • kitchen and bathroom fittings
  • shower
  • windows and mirrors
  • door handles


Hundreds of laboratory tests prove the effectiveness of steam in bactericidal and virucidal actions. The high temperature quickly neutralizes most germs – including also those deeply hidden in the micro cracks of the surface. What are the other benefits of using steam cleaners?

  • without a drop of chemicals – you don't need to polish or wash the surface to get rid of the detergent left (it's just not there)
  • without effort – the low weight of the steam cleaners allows for their easy use, even by the elderly
  • safe for allergy sufferers – steam does not sensitize and the disinfected surface is completely safe for allergy sufferers and children
  • to the benefit of the environment – the lack of detergents means a significant relief for the natural environment
  • saving time and money – you do not have to invest in expensive chemicals for cleaning and disinfection. All you need to do is to pour plain tap water into the device! Its cost is just a few pennies for 1 liter
  • safe for electronics – steam has a humidity not exceeding 5%, which makes it completely safe for most electronic devices.


Not only home users, but also enterprises and production plants make use from the benefits of steam. Thermal disinfection with the use of steam allows for quick elimination of microbes resistant to chemical preparations (e.g. viruses, staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria, fungi, yeasts and moulds).

For comprehensive surface sterilization, special vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are often used together with steam cleaners. Such action not only effectively disinfects, but also allows for getting rid of dust, spores or dust mites.
What devices are used for steam surface disinfection in industry? Theoretically, small and handy devices for home use can be used. Unfortunately, despite their high efficiency, they will not work well in the case of large warehouse spaces or in production plants.

In such buildings it is necessary to use professional equipment such as industrial steam cleaners. What do such solutions offer?


Quickly, safely and effectively – this is how we can briefly describe the working of industrial steam cleaners from the renowned Nilfisk brand. Devices of this type have high power and can produce huge amounts of steam. They are adapted to long-term exploitation and service of large areas. They are perfect for disinfecting, e.g. assembly lines.

They generate high steam pressure in the boiler, up to 4.5 bar, and have a capacity of approx. 5 litres of water one-time. The structure of the devices and their parameters allow them to work continuously for up to 6 hours. In which companies and institutions industrial steam cleaners will be perfect?

  • Hospitals and medical offices
  • Schools, nurseries and kindergartens
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Catering facilities
  • Hotels
  • Agricultural facilities (pig farms, poultry farms)
  • Food and pharmaceutical production plants


Spray disinfection is applied in places where the use of steam cleaners is difficult or impossible. Appropriate solutions in this case are provided by the Wagner brand, which is famous for the production of efficient paint sprayers. However, the offer also includes models of devices adapted to efficient spray disinfection. This method allows you to precisely cover selected places with a disinfectant. It is one of the recommended methods in the fight against the spread of the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus.

Check the current offer of disinfecting devices in our store! We will advise you in choosing the right solution consistent with your needs.

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