Safe handling of the band saw: What should you pay attention to?
Safe handling of the band saw: What should you pay attention to?

Safe handling of the band saw: What should you pay attention to?

Bandsaws are simple to operate, but not very popular power tools. Most often they play the role of additional equipment in construction companies and industrial plants. However, they are so handy and irreplaceable in some situations that they are also perfect for less experienced users. So what are bandsaws for and how to safely use them? You will learn everything in today's article.


As we mentioned at the beginning, band saws belong to a more specialized group of power tools. They are used for cutting medium-sized metal or wooden elements. The cutting element in such devices is a gear belt, which is set in motion by wheels or pulleys located in the saw housing.

Interestingly, there are also stronger and much larger stationary band saws, which are indispensable equipment for many construction companies. Thanks to the use of special tape, it is possible to cut various construction materials, such as concrete blocks or hollow bricks. Now that we're familiar with the general use of band saws, let's now go over the detailed differences between handheld and stationary varieties as there are quite a bit more.


Equipment of this type is most often seen in the hands of more advanced DIY enthusiasts and builders. Most bandsaws are powered by an electric motor. There are both mains-operated and battery-powered variants available on the market. Regardless of the type of drive used, however, the operating pattern remains the same. The cutting tape moves at a speed of approx. 180 m/min, thanks to which the cutting of the element is fast and precise at the same time. A decisive disadvantage of handheld bandsaws is the small distance between the exposed band and the housing of the device. This limits their use to elements of small diameter.

Band saw Milwaukee M12 BS-402C

Band saw Milwaukee M12 BS-402C


This is heavier, larger, and more powerful equipment than the previously discussed manual band saws. The stationary versions are mainly machines for cutting building materials. When deciding to purchase such equipment, take into account the maximum cutting height and the working surface of the table. Stationary band saws can have a power of up to several kilowatts and a cutting speed of up to 800 m/min. The more expensive models also allow you to cut at a specific angle and connect a vacuum cleaner that will constantly suck in the resulting clippings.


No additional qualifications are required to operate band saws. What you should pay attention to is the information contained in the manufacturer's instructions for use. In the case of larger stationary saws, workplace training must be completed in advance. It is worth following the general safety rules when cutting. First of all, the blades of the belt should not come into contact with the material when starting the engine. You should also refrain from cutting until the tape reaches the set speed. Finally, remember not to exert too much pressure and adjust the feed rate to the type of material being processed. In summary, cutting with a circular saw requires a bit of practice from the operator, but over time everyone will find out about its many functionalities.


The technical condition of the device itself has a very important influence on the durability and performance of the device. Therefore, it is important to properly maintain it and use it following the manufacturer's recommendations. Unfortunately, the cutting tape may be damaged. Then it is worth finding the cause of this state of affairs to avoid future problems. Most often, the cutting band breaks as a result of incorrect operation of the guides, incorrectly selected tape for the device or incorrectly selected cutting parameters. Also, damage to the cutting band can occur when the feed rate is too high for the type of material being processed and when the amount of coolant used is too small.

Band saw Milwaukee BS 125

Band saw Milwaukee BS 125


Our offer includes reliable and efficient manual band saws from the renowned Milwaukee brand. Below we present two examples - one powered by a battery and the other directly from the power grid.


This equipment is perfect for places with limited access to electricity. It is also light, handy, and provides affordable cutting parameters. The set also includes a charger and 2 batteries with a capacity of 4 Ah. The M12 BS-402C model weighs 3.2 kg with the battery and guarantees max. the rotation speed at the level of 85 rpm. It allows you to cut materials with dimensions of 41 x 41 mm.

It is also necessary to mention several additional functionalities that directly affect the quality and comfort of use. A clear indicator of the battery charge level allows you to predict the remaining working time. The power supply system also deserves a plus. Individual cell monitoring influences the extended operation time of the device and the optimal use of the stored energy.


Contrary to the previously discussed model, the BS 125 model is powered by electricity from the mains. It is equipped with an 1100 W motor that unscrews the tape to a speed of max. 116 rpm The user has 4-step speed control, keyless foot adjustment, and the ability to easily replace the blade. This model can handle cutting material with a diameter of up to 125 mm.

The model powered from the mains unfortunately weighs twice as much as the battery version (6.5 kg). On the other hand, it has better cutting parameters. Also, thanks to the constant power technology, it is possible to process the material while maintaining a constant cutting speed. It is worth paying attention to other details, such as LED lighting mounted in the housing and a clutch, which additionally protects the gear.

Stationary band saws Norton Clipper

Stationary band saws Norton Clipper


The product offer of our store is not limited only to portable power tools. Our clients can also choose from professional stationary equipment from brands such as Dr. Schulze, Tyrolit, and Norton Clipper. Here are the stationary band saws we recommend.


The equipment is perfect for cutting light construction materials such as cellular concrete or ceramic blocks. It is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 1.85 kW. Most importantly, the CB511 model allows cuts up to 660 mm in length. The strong saw body is made of galvanized steel, and the machine itself is adapted for easy transport.


Compared to the previously discussed model, this model has a slightly weaker engine (1.5 kW) and a lower cutting height (515 mm). However, it remains a safe and easy-to-use machine. The whole saw weighs 173 kg and guarantees a maximum band speed of 223 rpm. The equipment is well protected against the ingress of moisture and dust, as evidenced by the compliance with the IP 58 standard.

The device uses several functions that directly affect the safety and comfort of use. You can find here, among other large holes in the lower wheel casing, thanks to which the risk of jamming the cutting band due to residual dust decreases almost to zero. The direct drive of the saw wheel was also used, which translates into easier maintenance of the machine.

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