Mowing the grass: which mower should you choose? Gardener's guide
Mowing the grass: which mower should you choose? Gardener's guide

Mowing the grass: which mower should you choose? Gardener's guide

Lawn care consists of many different activities. One of them is mowing the lawn. This can be done with many tools, e.g. the popular lawn mower. It should be added, however, that the market abounds in all sorts of solutions that allow you to mow grass not only with greater precision, but also without human intervention. What tools are we talking about? You may be surprised, but first let's discuss the basic rules of lawn care.

Mowing the grass  how and when to mow the grass?

Lawn care may seem simple, but you need to follow a few guidelines to keep your lawn in top shape. First of all, the grass should be mowed regularly and it is better to do it too often than once in a while. Regular mowing will ensure proper grass density and reduce weed growth.

How often do you mow the grass? The first mowing of the grass in the season should be carried out when the grass reaches a blade length of 6 – 8 cm. If it is a freshly planted lawn, wait even longer until its height reaches approx. 10 cm. Lawn after the first mowing will require the most work. Keep its height between 3 and 4 cm. It is worth mentioning that we never water the grass before mowing, and we do it later. You must also remember that the mower knife should be sharpened. Instead of cutting grass, a blunt tool will pull it out. The appearance of such a mowed lawn will certainly not fill us with joy.

Lawn mowers – which one to choose?

Mowers are best sorted by drive type. There are manual drum mowers, electric mowers (including battery mowers), and petrol mowers. Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution. The type of mower is best suited to the specific needs, and above all the lawn surface. Some mowers are lightweight and will be used for occasional trimming of grass, while others are heavy and ultra-efficient, which will prove themselves during prolonged work even in difficult conditions. In our offer, you will find durable and reliable mowers from brands such as Gardena and Ryobi. Which grass mower should you choose?

Manual drum mowers – belong to the cheapest mowers discussed here. They are fully mobile and do not require any power source. The hand mower works thanks to the strength of our muscles. This has both good and bad sides. First of all, we can operate such a mower anywhere, and the lightweight allows it to be easily transported. Unfortunately, the effort that must be put into the operation of such a mower can quickly overwhelm us. Besides, devices of this type are not efficient, so their use should be limited to small spaces.

Electric mowers – this is by far the most optimal solution for owners of medium-sized lawns. They ensure good working parameters, and at the same time, their purchase and operation will not burden our portfolio too much. The undoubted advantage of electric mowers is their simple operation and the fact that they do not emit harmful exhaust gases. Unfortunately, they need to be connected to the power grid for operation, which can be problematic if several extension cords are used in a larger area. The constant presence of an electric wire connected to the mower also means some risk of cutting. Therefore, you should check the position of the power cable while cutting.

Petrol lawnmowers – the choice of this type of lawnmower should be dictated primarily by a large lawn. Diesel-powered mowers have the highest power among those listed here and do not require a permanent power connection. Perfect for mowing tall and thick grass. Unfortunately, such performance does not come out of anywhere. The internal combustion engine is noticeably heavier than the electric motor, which is particularly severe when transporting the mower. It generates exhaust gases during operation, and its operation requires more frequent user's intervention. This is a very important issue because even a seemingly slight oversight can contribute to a serious failure of the equipment and its expensive repair. The downside is also the high operating costs of a petrol mower.

Combustion lawnmower Ryobi

Combustion lawnmower Ryobi

Battery mowers – an interesting proposition for users who value high mobility and uncomplicated operation of the device. Cordless electric mowers are a kind of compromise between electric and petrol mowers. For operation, they do not require a permanent connection to the network and do not generate harmful exhaust gases. They are quiet and provide decent cutting parameters. Perfect for the care of a small lawn.

The downside is the limited time of work on one battery charge. It is best to equip yourself with an additional battery so that while charging one, you can still use the device at the same time.

Mower with or without drive? Which one is better?

When browsing offers with lawn mowers, you may come across motor mowers. What is the difference between such machines and traditional solutions? Self-propelled mowers use some of the energy from the engine to drive the wheels, so you don't have to push the mower. The operator is only forced to control the direction of travel. This solution allows comfortable use of the mower over a larger area and with numerous hills.

It is not difficult to guess that the drive option is particularly appreciated among petrol lawn mowers. Due to their larger weight (reaching even 30 and more kilograms), lawn mowers require putting more energy into their pushing. Therefore, if you plan to buy a petrol or electric lawn mower with a larger lawn area, you should opt for a self-propelled model.

What is grass mulching?

In simple translation, mulching the grass consists of shredding it, and thanks to a special system it can be left on previously mown soil. Is it worth mulching the grass? If we are not able to collect and later utilize grass, mulching will be a great solution. You just have to pay attention to whether the model of the lawnmower has a mulching function. Mown grass lying on the lawn makes the soil retain moisture longer and additionally nourishes it as a source of valuable ingredients. Mulching is also a considerable time saver, as there is no need to constantly empty the basket from freshly cut grass. In a word, thanks to mulching we save time and money.

It is also worth adding that some models of newer mowers have a variable mulching function. Thanks to it we can decide what amount of cut grass will be thrown outside and which will go to the basket. When to mulch the grass? It's best to do this when the grass is no more than 4 cm tall.

Lawn mower operation - instructions

Each type of mower requires a proper maintenance method, and properly maintained equipment uses up to 30% less fuel. Hand mowers and electric (including battery) mowers are the easiest to use. The user only needs to remember to regularly clean the machinery of grass and sharpen knives. Users of petrol mowers have many more responsibilities. These devices have enormous power and full mobility but require appropriate treatment.

First of all, internal combustion engines are more difficult to maintain. The engine oil level and quality should be checked and changed following the manufacturer's instructions. A similar rule applies to the air filter, which should be kept clean. At the end of the season, it is recommended to dump the gasoline residue or burn it, so that fuel residue does not remain in the tank. Due to the oxidation of gasoline, harmful deposits may accumulate at the bottom of the tank and critical points in the engine. Another important thing – the lawnmowers must not be tilted towards the air filter as it may be flooded with oil. It is safest to transport them in a working position.

Robotic mower Gardena

Robotic mower Gardena

What are mowing robots (robotic mowers)?

Speaking of lawn care, it will be worth mentioning innovative solutions that are also available in our store. Gardena mowing robots are modern and intelligent devices that deal with cutting grass automatically. All you need to do is properly prepare the area for daily operation by the robot and go through its short and easy configuration.

Mowing robots work fully independently – also in the rain. They do not require user intervention, even to charge their battery. They perform all these activities fully autonomously, and if they detect any problem they signal it immediately. More information about mowing robots can be found at Gardena Mowing Robots.

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