Mini-excavator services – equipment advice, range of activities, prices
Mini-excavator services – equipment advice, range of activities, prices

Mini-excavator services – equipment advice, range of activities, prices

Construction works with the use of a mini excavator are very efficient and fast. All thanks to the small size of this type of equipment. Small crawler excavators are narrow and light, which means that their transport to the construction site is not complicated. In addition, mini excavator services can be carried out even in a narrow and very built-up area, because these machines do not require large free space when rotating and moving. So, let's check what equipment is worth buying when planning to start a business in this area. We will also present our equipment proposals that will work in almost every construction and service company.


In other words, a mini excavator service is an order for construction works - usually groundworks, with the help of a small excavator. These services are gaining in popularity because with the help of crawler excavators, digging a trench is much faster than using traditional methods. For this reason, the services of a mini excavator are chosen not only by economic operators, but also individuals for private use.


Mini excavators allow you to perform many construction works. These include:

  • excavations for electrical installations;
  • excavations for sewage systems;
  • excavations for building foundations;
  • circular drainage of the building;
  • linear drainage of areas;
  • excavations for septic tanks, ponds, and swimming pools;
  • digging field drains;
  • uprooting and replanting shrubs;
  • land levelling and shaping;
  • demolition of walls and buildings.

There are, of course, many more possibilities. Due to the small size of mini excavators and their easy transport and unloading at the given place, the mentioned services are used in many areas of life. The biggest advantage of this type of excavator is its small size, which makes them easy to operate in a limited space. It is worth adding that rubber tracks are safe for paving stones and lawns. Thanks to this, the mini excavator can be used to move freely in the park, garden, pavements, drives, or bicycle paths. We can’t forget about the excellent weight distribution on the tracks, so you get a very low point pressure required to navigate over marshy ground.


The price list for mini excavator work differs depending on the type of groundwork and the working tool being used. For one man-hour of work with a mini excavator, you have to pay about PLN 60. This rate increases, if we need to use a demolition hammer, then we have to prepare for about 80 - 90 PLN / man-hour. Even higher rates include work with the use of backhoe loaders. Then we have to spend about PLN 100 for one man-hour. It is worth mentioning that some companies reserve the right to increase the hourly rate if the works are carried out in difficult terrain. To all this, you should add the cost of transporting a mini excavator, which is usually about PLN 2 - 3 per 1 kilometre.

Before choosing a specific company offering the mentioned services, it is worth finding out if the entrepreneur has valid insurance. Thanks to this, in the case of any damage during the operation of the mini excavator, the repair costs are covered by the insurance company. In addition, the excavator operator must have the appropriate eligibilities and certificates.


If you run a company that offers mini excavator services, be sure to check the construction machines we offer. Our offer includes equipment from the Wacker Neuson – the brand appreciated by professionals. The first recommended mini excavator is the Wacker Neuson ET16 mini tracked excavator with bodywork. It is equipped with a diesel engine with a capacity of 18.8 HP. The width of the machine is only 990 mm and its height is 2285 mm. This excavator has a digging depth of 2,413 mm and a breakout force of 15.3 kN. The digging radius itself is also quite significant, it amounts to 3861 mm. Low transport weight - less than 1.6 tons, allows you to transport a mini excavator with a trailer.

A great alternative is the Wacker Neuson ET18 crawler excavator with bodywork. In this model, the digging radius is greater and amounts to 3989 mm, and the breakout force is 18.8 kN. Nevertheless, the low weight also allows the machine to be easily transported using a trailer.


Mini-excavator services are very often associated with the need to use additional construction equipment. Solid power tools are also often useful. What exactly is most useful? When it comes to loosening and tipping soil, it is worth having a suitable type of compactor. At entrepreneurs’ disposal there are both small tamping rammers and heavier single direction vibratory plates, or the most efficient, but at the same time the most expensive reversible vibratory plates.

A mini excavator is also used to perform various paving-related works. You can attach mechanical clamps or vacuum lifters under it. When the works are finished, it is worth using special paving tools to evenly lay the smaller fragments of the paving stones. Surely, paving stones is just one of the many areas of construction work where mini excavator support is used. These small, but very functional machines have many more applications in industry and construction.

If you are looking for professional machines or construction equipment, check our product offer! You’ll find, e.g. power generators, pressure washers, concrete cutters and tile cutters, concrete mixers, and air compressors. We only have products from reputable brands such as Husqvarna, Milwaukee, Pramac, or Kärcher. If you are just starting your own business and want to provide services with mini excavators - contact us! We will quickly select the appropriate sets of equipment for your new company.

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