Maintenance of cleanliness in industrial facilities
Maintenance of cleanliness in industrial facilities

Maintenance of cleanliness in industrial facilities

An investment in professional cleaning machines will allow for long-term and trouble-free exploitation. In today's article, we will discuss proven solutions from well-reputed manufacturers that are perfect for maintaining appropriate cleanliness and sterility in industrial plants.


On the market we can find various types of equipment for sweeping, vacuuming, washing as well as maintenance and disinfection of industrial surfaces. In our sales offer there are also the most popular solutions including vacuum cleaners, sweepers and high-pressure washers. These types of professional devices are used not only to keep workplaces and public spaces clean, but also they are used more and more in households.

The floor scrubbers and scrubber-driers fall into the category of the more specialized devices. This type of equipment is used primarily in supermarkets, food warehouses and shopping centres. Cleaning companies can choose from walk-behind and battery-powered ride-on devices.

Everywhere the working environment and everyday use must remain sterile clean, advanced steamers and mobile hot water high-pressure washers are used. High temperature and no need for using chemicals make these solutions willingly used in hospitals, hotels, medical facilities, schools and universities.


Production halls are, by definition, very large industrial facilities. Maintaining proper cleanliness is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also safety for employees. In view of the large dimensions, manual cleaning of the production hall without the use of professional equipment would be a huge effort- not to mention the time needed for it.

However, regardless of whether the production plant uses the services of an external cleaning company or has its own employees, you should take account of the use of appropriate devices and cleaning products for a given surface. While steam can deal with most of dirt, various types of chemical pollution will require the use of strong detergents.


Manual sweeping of paving stones on a larger area can be very time-consuming and ineffective. For this reason, cleaning teams and some industrial plants decide to purchase dedicated devices, such as sweepers. The design of this type of equipment, in most cases, allows to use them both outdoors and indoors.

For small areas, manual sweepers are enough. They are light, convenient in small spaces, do not require additional power supply and, at the same time, do not cost too much. We offer the models of manual sweepers that have rubbish tanks with a capacity of several dozen liters. This allows you to keep small squares, parking or rooms clean, without the need for frequently clearing the sweeper of the collected trash.

If there are larger spaces that require cleaning, then it would be a good idea to buy automatic sweepers equipped with their own power source. This group includes walk-behind sweepers and ride-on sweepers. They are distinguished by much greater efficiency compared to manual sweepers. They can be equipped with an electric drive that derives energy from a battery or a combustion engine, which is dedicated to work in open spaces. We recommend, for instance, a selection of devices from the well-reputed Nilfisk brand, which is famous for the production of high-quality washing and cleaning equipment.


While fast cleaning of the floor can be done with the previously discussed sweepers, effective cleaning of the surface will require the use of more comprehensive solutions. These include the scrubber-driers machines mentioned before. It is a very popular equipment that is used for instance in shopping centres and supermarkets. It is also used by professional cleaning teams, dealing with cleaning, e.g. in warehouses or production halls.

Machines of this type aren’t cheap, but they offer very comprehensive functions and a huge capability up to 6000 m2/hour. There are also other solutions with lower processing capacity at the entrepreneurs disposal including, for instance, the Nilfisk SC100 scrubber dryer, which is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places and surfaces with a small area. It is equipped with the function of washing and drying in a single process. As a result, the floor can be used almost immediately after being washed. It’s a perfect solution for hotels, schools, restaurants and shops.

In our store you can find walk-behind scrubber driers and ride-on scrubber driers. In the first case, the user follows the machine and sets the direction of drive by pressing on the handle of the machine. Ride-on models, in turn, are more efficient and more expensive solutions, but they will be more useful when cleaning larger surfaces. A popular Nilfisk solution is the Nilfisk BR 752 scrubber-dryer, which has an actual capacity of 2,980 m2/hour and a scrubbing width of 710 mm. The benefits of purchasing this model will be appreciated by owners of large-size spaces, such as warehouses, shopping malls and supermarkets.


The use of pressure washers allows you to save time and cleaning products. Moreover, devices of this type are not extremely expensive. Equipment for professional use can be purchased for several thousand zlotys. Brands such as Nilfisk and Karcher are pioneers in this industry. Mobile cold-water high-pressure cleaners will work well in semi-professional application. They can effectively deal with most of dirt, not only in industry, but also in households.

On the other hand, mobile hot water high-pressure cleaners are more effective. Unlike the previously discussed cold water washers, these cleaners have the function of heating the flowing liquid. Hot water under pressure shows better washing properties, which, in combination with additional detergents, gives very good results. Unfortunately, this type of cleaning equipment can be up to 2 or 3 times more expensive than classic cold water washers.

Larger industrial plants and professional cleaning companies quite often use heavy and ultra-efficient stationary high-pressure washers. The cost of this type of device can be over PLN 50.000. However, at this price there is equipment with high washing parameters.


The last group of cleaning equipment we want to describe includes vacuum cleaners. On the market you can find models for home use and specialized industrial vacuum cleaners. The working principle of this type of vacuum cleaners remains the same, but the models intended for construction and industrial use have different technical parameters. They are adapted to work with larger diameter pollutants, they offer more power and air flow.

Special industrial vacuum cleaners are used for specific applications. They will be perfect e.g. for removing dust and construction debris. Some models of special industrial vacuum cleaners allow for the removal of inflammable materials in explosive zones as well as oils and shavings. In addition, class H vacuum cleaners are designed to remove carcinogenic dust.

If you are looking for a perfect solution for your company, please contact us. We will comprehensively advise you on the selection of the appropriate equipment that will 100% meet your expectations and requirements for its performance in a specific area.


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