Ensure clean air in the workplace - Husqvarna Series A air cleaners

Ensure clean air in the workplace - Husqvarna Series A air cleaners

In recent years, a lot has been said about poor air quality in Poland. It is, of course, a smog that surrounds our villages and cities. Pollution is one problem, and have you wondered about the quality of air in your workplace? Have you ever irritated your respiratory system during finishing and renovation work? Therefore, it is worth considering improving the air quality during everyday work and taking care of your health by investing in modern equipment. In the pages of our blog, we have already written about professional industrial vacuum cleaners for sludge and dust, which can catch even the smallest dirt particles coming out during cutting, punching and drilling. We encourage you to remember this article: Which vacuum cleaner should you choose for your home or industry? However, today we want to show one more alternative or air purifiers.

The extensive use of these devices makes them used in various industries. We distinguish stationary cleaners, i.e. large machines used in industry, or small portable units perfect for the construction site. Depending on the purpose of the purifier, it may differ a set of filters, because we will use other devices in the catering industry, and others in chemical laboratories or on construction sites. Today, we will focus exclusively on portable, construction air purifiers from the Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna.

Husqvarna series A

Husqvarna A1000 and A2000 are one of the most modern devices of this type on the market. They have been tested and certified for use with both air purifiers using pressure and under pressure. The smart design has been adapted to work with HEPA H13 filters that provide excellent air quality. Concrete dust, fine grinding dust or gypsum dust ceases to be a problem. The A1000 is twice as lighter than A2000, making it very compact and additionally very quiet during operation. The air flow can be set to two different speeds. The larger model has additionally built-in transport wheels that leave no traces.

The most important differences between A1000 & A2000

  A1000 A2000


20 kg

38 kg

HEPA filter surface

3,5 m2

10,5 m2

Air flow

1000 m3/h

2000 m3/h


0,285 kW

0,75 kW


1,2 A

3,3 A

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of air purifiers is very simple. The built-in fan draws in polluted air, directing it to a set of filters. The first in order is a pre-filter of corrugated polyester, which separates larger particles of impurities. The next element is the highly effective HEPA H13 filter, which allows you to separate up to 99.99% of fine dust particles up to 0.3 microns. The cleaned air is blown out, and all dust accumulates on the filters. The air that leaves the device is quite warm, which is why on hot days it is recommended to install a pipe that will discharge it to the outside. A significant advantage of mobile air purifiers is the ability to set them anywhere, e.g. at a machine that generates too much dust. Air purifiers can filter vast amounts of pollution.

When you buy Husqvarna products, you will get a pre-filter, a HEPA H13 filter and a pre-filter cover. Both models also have warning lamps and emit warning signals indicating a clogged filter - a yellow light or filter leaks - a red lamp. The very construction is made of durable aluminium alloy. Besides, the metal mesh protects the filter area.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. If you have additional questions or suggestions, please contact our specialists.

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