Dry leaves in the garden? Check what you can do with them!
Dry leaves in the garden? Check what you can do with them!

Dry leaves in the garden? Check what you can do with them!

The upcoming autumn period requires us to complete several garden tools that will help us deal with leaves lying on the ground easily and quickly. Unfortunately, we do not always know exactly what to do with them, and it turns out that there are at least a few ways to use dry leaves usefully. In today's guide, we present proven ways to quickly collect fallen leaves, methods for their later use, as well as useful accessories and gardening tools.


Many people associate autumn mainly with colourful leaves that wonderfully decorate trees and shrubs. Unfortunately, it does not last long, because soon they all fall to the ground and become quite a nuisance for garden owners. Leaves lying on the lawn or paths are sometimes quite a problem because if not cleaned up on time, they start to decompose. It may seem too excessive, but wet leaves can be downright dangerous as they are easy to slip on. All these issues mean that leaves lying on the ground should be collected regularly.

The only question is how to do it quickly and without much effort? A universal way to collect dry leaves is to use a special leaf rake. They differ from ordinary rakes in that they are much wider. Their shape resembles a fan and they are available in both metal and plastic versions. When deciding to buy them, it is worth choosing examples
with raking width adjustment.

If we have a large area or deal with everyday cleaning in public space, then it is worth choosing more automated forms of leaf collection. Among others blowers, special leaf and grass collectors, and sweepers will be useful. It is worth adding here that sometimes the mentioned leaf blowers are additionally equipped with a vacuum cleaning function. Thanks to this, we can draw leaves directly into a special bag.


Since we already know how to effectively collect the leaves lying on the ground, let's check how they can be used. There is no doubt that decaying leaves left in the grass will do more harm than good - they can even make the grass rot by trapping moisture. Burning leaves is also a wrong solution - there are many reasons not to do it and, apart from legal and ecological issues, it is simply a pity to waste the organic material collected in this way. So what can we do about it?

The best way to use the collected leaves is to use them as a natural fertilizer. Together with other organic waste in the composter, they can over time become a source of humus valuable in horticulture.

However, if this solution does not suit us, then the leaves can be used to cover plants (trees, shrubs, etc.) with them for the winter period. It is not complicated in any way and it is enough to gently sprinkle some leaves around the stem or trunk of the plant. For fear of blowing leaves by the wind, we can gently cover them with a thin layer of earth.

Attention! In both cases, be careful not to use disease-infested leaves! This can cause harmful fungi or other pests to spread to the rest of the vegetation. It is also not recommended to add walnut leaves to the compost.


In our store, you will find professional equipment for your garden. If you are interested in reliable garden equipment for collecting leaves, be sure to check out functional blowers from brands such as Gardena, Husqvarna, Ryobi, AEG Powertools or Kärcher. The Ryobi RBV3000CESV blower (garden vacuum cleaner) deserves special attention. This device has a 3000 W motor and provides air blowing at a speed of 375 km / h. As the name suggests, this equipment also allows you to change the direction of airflow, while becoming a functional garden vacuum cleaner.

It is worth looking at a completely innovative and ultra-convenient solution, which is the Gardena leaf and grass collector. These clever tools allow you to quietly, quickly and comfortably collect leaves, grass and other organic debris. Its ultra-high functionality is due to the system of brushes which start to work as you move the device. The tool, therefore, does not need any motors to function!

Finally, let's take a look at garden sweepers. Among them, the Kärcher KM 70/20 C hand sweeper stands out. It has a working width of 480 mm and a hopper capacity of 42 litres (gross). Equipment of this type is adapted for professional use, but it does not mean that it will not work in the corners of your home garden. Nevertheless, when looking for a typical consumer solution, we only need a less advanced Kärcher S 4 hand sweeper. It is a popular model, eagerly used by both individual customers and cleaning crews. It has a 20-litre waste container and provides an area capacity of up to 1800 m² / h. More demanding people may decide to buy a version with a double brush - the Kärcher S 4 Twin hand sweeper.

Our offer includes a number of other solutions that help in the garden - also in autumn. Be sure to visit our garden section and learn about the latest hardware promotions.


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