Concrete vibrating screeds - an overview of the offer

Concrete vibrating screeds - an overview of the offer

Levelling the ground is one of the most important stages during building investments. It is a process that companies directly involved in paving, as well as those involved in road construction or preparation of green areas, have to deal with. We will need different solutions as they depend on the type of investment. You will learn about different types of screeding tools as well as the most popular models later in this article.

How do the concrete vibrating screeds work?

The main task of vibrating screeds is to remove excess raw material and level the surface. There are different types of these devices on the market. The choice of the right screed will depend primarily on the type and scale of  the work performed. At we have durable vibrating screeds with the possibility of adjustment, connected directly to heavy construction machines. In our offer, you will also find smaller devices that are perfect for preparing the ground for construction, e.g. paths or pavements.

Featured models

Jazon LM

This is the largest vibratory screed in the manufacturer's offer. The device has been adapted to work with heavy equipment, e.g. excavators. Towing ropes are included in the set.

The working width can be adjusted in steps every 25 cm. The screed moves on ebonite rollers. Moreover,  guide rails (optional) or curbs can be used for sliding. The device allows for obtaining a flat or convex roof profile with an adjustable angle in the range of 0 - 5°. LM is used when levelling surfaces for paving stones and asphalt on all large surfaces.

There are two versions of the LM series vibratory screeds:

  • LM6M - version with a maximum, adjustable working width from 400 to 650 cm. The weight of the screed is approx. 380 kg.

  • LM7M - with adjustable working width from 450 to 750 cm, the weight of the device is 385 kg.

Probst TAS-UNI

This is one of the most popular concrete vibratory screeds. Its incredible advantage is the infinitely adjustable working width, which makes it suitable for both medium and large construction sites. Thanks to the optimal weight, two people can handle it. Besides, it is also possible to connect the vibrating screed with chains, e.g. under an excavator. Appropriate design and high-quality aluminium profiles ensure proper ground pressure. The screed is equipped with special guide rollers, which significantly improve work. Lateral steps for the operator should also be mentioned as they can be used to increase pressure. Thanks to the use of special handles, the operator can pull the screed using a shovel.

The manufacturer's offer includes two models:

  • TAS-UNI 450, with adjustable width from 75 cm to 450 cm, and weight equal to 85 kg,

  • TAS-UNI 600, with adjustable width from 75 cm to 600 cm, and weight of 110 kg.

Jazon LR

It is a direct competitor to the TAS-UNI screed.  Its working width is adjusted gradually. All elements are galvanized and powder coated as it protects the screed against corrosion. Like the LM version, the concrete vibratory screed moves on ebonite rollers. You can also use curbs or optional guides for sliding.

In this case, we also distinguish two models:

  • LR3M, with adjustable working width from 90 to 300 cm  and weight of 80 kg.

  • LR4M, with adjustable width from 90 to 450 cm and weight of 110 kg.

Mimal LZ

The manual vibrating screed from the Polish manufacturer Mimal is a perfect solution for shaping the ground for the construction of parking lots, bicycle paths and pavements. The LZ series is divided into three variants of different widths. The working width is infinitely adjustable. This solution allows you to perfectly match the size of the device to the working conditions. The galvanized surface guarantees durability and esthetics. The strip also has a mechanism that allows height adjustment in the range of 100 mm.

We distinguish:

  • LZ1 - its working width can be adjusted in the range of 60 to 108 cm, weight is only 6 kg.

  • LZ2 - allows you to adjust the working width in the range from 100 to 165 cm, the weight of the strip is 13.5 kg.

  • LZ3 - is the largest screed in this series. Its width can be adjusted in the range from 150 to 260 cm, while the weight of this screed is 19.5 kg.

Probst Teleplan

This is a very light Probst profile. The tool has an adjustable working width. The special sickle shape allows it to cut into the surface and that prevents unevenness. Teleplan is an excellent solution when we are dealing with hard, compacted sand. Side guides allow for height adjustment. The device is delivered as standard, without special handles that allow for comfortable work. In our store, in addition to the standard one, there is also a set that includes the above-mentioned handles.

We distinguish:

  • Teleplan TP-60/100 - its working width is 60 to 100 cm, with a weight of 3.7 kg.

  • Teleplan TP-100/165 - working width * of this model is from 100 to 165 cm, with a weight of 4.6 kg.

  • Teleplan TP-150/260 - in this case, the working width is adjustable in the range from 150 to 260 cm, while the weight of the staff is about 6 kg.

  • Teleplan TP-200/350 - is the largest vibrating screed in the teleplan series, its width * can be adjusted in the range from 200 to 350 cm. Its weight is about 7.3 kg.

* Working width is infinitely adjustable.

Probst Miniplan MP-70

This is the smallest concrete vibratory screed, which is an ideal addition for the paving team, even for large works. Its main task is to distribute the material and improve the cavities on the prepared substrate. It is also ideal for levelling ballast. Aluminium profile with a length of 70 cm, is characterized by low weight, which makes a screed easy to move.

The MP-70-HV, version is also available for sale. Unlike MP-70, it has a special height adjustment system.

Mimal LRP

It is a paver screed. Its main task is to level the surface and collect surplus material after installing curbs. As only one working step is necessary, the screed can be easily adjusted in the range from 135 mm to 380 mm. The device is powder-coated in a blue colour.

Probst RF-H model is also worth mentioning. The device performs the same task as the other product. The weight of 13 kg, allows for comfortable work. This screed can also be used with different types of curbs, with thickness ranging from 120 mm to 200 mm. The galvanized surface is durable and corrosion-resistant.

Probst Levelfix

Probst manual screed is the last one in our today's review. It is equipped with a set of plastic wheels with a flat tread. This solution significantly facilitates work, and the corresponding tread does not leave marks on the ground. It is a very efficient device for spreading material and levelling the ground both in paving and landscaping works. Thanks to its construction, it is extremely easy to use. What is more, the ergonomic handle allows you to keep a firm grip anda comfortable position during work. Levelfix has an adjustable height of the side wheels, which allows you to set the appropriate level of the screed. The right weight increases the device's pressure on the surface.

There are two types of this screed:

  • Levelfix LF-125/215 - with a working width adjustable from 1250 to 2150 mm and a weight of 32 kg.

  • Levelfix LF-170/310 - with adjustable working width in the range from 1700 to 3100 mm and weight of 42 kg.

Screeding rail systems are also worth mentioning.  Probst AZL, system is available in a variety of variants. Those systems consist of components of variable lengths that are successively joined together.

We know the importance of high-quality tools and machines for contractors. In our store, we offer proven products of the best brands. If you are interested in buying a concrete vibratory screed, see our offer in the surface preparation category. You will find there all the above-mentioned models, as well as some alternative options. If you are not sure what to choose, feel free to contact our specialists who will be happy to help you choose the right equipment.


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