Screeds - a way to level the concrete

Screeds - a way to level the concrete

The selection and later purchase of construction equipment until recently was a very difficult and time-consuming task. Driving from the store to the store, searching for the right parts and modules, and comparing prices was problematic and required a lot of focus. We realize that every hour is very valuable at the construction site, which is why we are constantly expanding the base of professional tools and machines. Thanks to extensive descriptions and detailed specifications together with photos, it is possible to search for goods, inter alia during a break at the construction site. For demanding customers, our shop offers, fast delivery within 12 hours to the address indicated (the offer applies only to selected products).

Building tools often consist of several components that need to be adapted to each other to ensure the best possible performance and optimize consumption. This is the case, for example, in the case of vibrating slats for concrete. In our offer you will find single modules (drives and profiles) or sets ready for work.

What does concrete screeds are?

Screeds are tools driven by an integrated or external drive, which thanks to its construction transfer vibrations to the ground, and more precisely to thinner layers of concrete such as screed and ceilings. In the case of concrete with a thickness above 20 cm, it may be necessary to use concrete vibrators, and only later, vibrating slats, which are to ultimately align, compact and smooth the top part of the concrete. Vibrating bars are not yet widely used. Small companies or individuals very often use a variety of "self-made", which will save money, but it will not save time and effort put into proper compaction and leveling of concrete.

The vibrating belt drive can be electric, internal combustion or pneumatic. The latter will be particularly suited to demanding tasks, and some pneumatic models will compact concrete up to 200 mm thick. However, their principle of operation differs from standard vibrating slats. The profiles can be double-bar (sliding), floating and astringent.

  • Double-profile slats (sliding) — used for scraping and compaction.
  • Floating strips — the ones mentioned above are used for levelling and exact smoothing of concrete, as well as for vibrating and removing excess.
  • Slat straps — the leading role is played during the distribution of concrete, drawing off excess material, surface levelling and compaction.

Trying to meet the expectations of our customers, we have divided the offer into complete vibrating slats (product ready for work) and for the option consisting of modules (we select the drive and profile separately). The whole set includes a strip and drive. This is a very convenient and universal option because immediately after the purchase, the customer receives compatible equipment ready for operation. In most cases, such sets can later be freely expanded thanks to interchangeable parts. The exception is the exemplary Husqvarna BV20 model, which is only available with a 2 m profile. This is not a drawback, although for some such detail may be of great importance. For such clients, we recommend the Husqvarna BV30 slat that allows the user to select the profile to suit his own needs. Choosing complete sets in is vast, you will find products from companies such as Husqvarna, Wacker Neuson, Altrad Belle, Enar, Mimal and Kreber.

One of our bestsellers is the complete KREBER K-LW vibrating strip offered in various variants. You can choose petrol or electric version and a suitable working width of the tool from 0.5 m to 3 m. The K-LW series belongs to a group of complete floating strips and is, therefore, the best solution for compacting and smoothing concrete surfaces. The advantages of this proven construction are low weight, in the case of combustion models, the engine of the renowned manufacturer Honda GX 25. In electric motors, there is protection with IP 55 splashproof insulation. The device has been equipped with a special rod, which, after appropriate rotation, allows smooth operation in both directions, it is called oscillating bar.

It is also worth getting acquainted with the offer of the Spanish manufacturer Enar and the ENAR QP double-profile vibration plate (electrical version) or ENAR QGH (with internal combustion engine). The advantage of these devices is the ability to adjust the width of the slat depending on the work performed. Our offer includes profiles with different widths so that everyone will find something for themselves. The material from which it was made is also essential, we can distinguish: steel or aluminium. The Q series is designed for compacting concrete with a depth of 100 mm to 200 mm. A clear advantage of these constructions is the ability to disconnect the profile from the engine for convenient transport.

Noteworthy is also the Wacker Neuson P 35A concrete patch, available with the Honda internal combustion engine. A wide range of profiles from 1.2 m to 4.9 m will allow us to personalise the device to the current needs. The vibrating strip gives you the option of choosing up to 7 modes of centrifugal force, which will enable you to use different types of concrete. An important feature is also ergonomic handles, which significantly improve the comfort of work with the device.

There are also modular slats available on the market, consisting of sections that can be combined. The length of a single part can be from 0.5 m to 3 m. This solution is ideally suited to large areas of medium and high-rise concrete. Making floors or runways up to 25 m full is not a problem. This device is Husqvarna BT90 with pneumatic drive. The strip is relatively light, and the assembly of individual segments can be entrusted to only one person. Sections are assembled without the use of specialised tools. The strip provides the effect of deep vibrations, and can effectively vibrate concrete up to 200 mm thick, removing air bubbles from it. Optionally, you can buy various accessories to make your work easier. The BT90 is also available with an electric and combustion engine. These are units that will support a maximum width of up to 20 m.

Husqvarna in its offer also has a strip with the designation SVE (electric drive) and SVG (diesel drive). The principle of operation is the same as in the BT90 model. The device can reach even the floor at a speed of about 1 m per minute. The set includes a manual winch, and optionally you can also buy an electronic version.

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