New laser levels in the Nivel System offer

New laser levels in the Nivel System offer

Nivel System is a leading Polish manufacturer of measuring devices, which include levellers, construction lasers, laser rangefinders. The offer also includes a wide range of accessories: tripods, patches, machine sensors and much more. In 2018, Nivel System expanded its offer with new products, which is why we have prepared a short overview of new products for you.

Series NL200

The smallest rotational laser levels offered by Nivel System are an excellent alternative to optimal levels. You can choose between the versions NL200 and NL200G, which differ in the laser beam. NL200 is equipped with a red-coloured laser, which is used while working in shady rooms, while the NL200G is ideally suited to work in highly sunny places thanks to a green beam. A sensor is attached to the leveller that allows you to work in open spaces. The intuitive control panel provides effortless and trouble-free operation. One person can perform the measurement, and the measurement reading on the patch is made with the highest, millimetre accuracy. Its strength is durability and resistance to weather conditions, and efficient rechargeable batteries provide several dozen hours of continuous fieldwork.

Main features

  • Easy and quick measurement - thanks to the auto levelling function, after starting the equipment level itself and is immediately ready to work.
    Reliability and accuracy - the leveller, is built based on an electronic compensator that effectively stabilises the beam and ensures high accuracy.
  • Universal use - the equipment can be used indoors or outdoors. Thanks to the use of IP64 certified enclosure, the device can work under challenging conditions. The leveller can be used when pouring floors, surface preparation, but also for all finishing works such as suspended ceilings, buildings, walls, etc.
  • Smooth operation - a very intuitive control panel makes working with the leveller even easier. All you need to do is start the device and start working, and all other activities will take place automatically.

Series NL400

This is an entirely new, improved version of the NL301. As in the previous series here, we will also distinguish two versions of the device: NL400 with a red laser beam and NL400G with a green beam. Much better parameters characterise the device, and the plane can be determined vertically and horizontally. The leveller ensures high accuracy of performed works over long distances, up to 500 m. The set comes with remote control.

Series NL410

NL410 is the successor to the hugely successful NL310 series. As before, we highlight the NL410 with a red beam and NL410G with a green beam. The device features a friendly and intuitive interface with LCD and remote control for remote control. The laser plane can be digitally tilted in two directions.


The NL810 leveller can now be purchased in a set with the new RD600 Digital sensor. The sensor has been designed for rotary lasers with a red or green beam and is used for digital display of height differences.

NL 810 is the most powerful leveller in its class, created for the toughest jobs, in all conditions. The device ensures high precision of measurements and is ideally suited when working on building machine control systems.

If you are interested in the new Nivel System offer, check below what we have prepared for you.

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