Why is concrete trowelling so important?

Why is concrete trowelling so important?

Perhaps you have read last week's article about concrete vibrators- let us know by posting  comments.In our today’s article you will find more information on trowelling concrete.

Trowelling, smoothing and rubbing of hardening agents are activities that can be done by yet another group of construction equipment, trowels. You will find lots of useful information below.

Why is concrete trowelling so important?

The condition of the concrete is of great importance. It is not only about its durability, but also about its surface condition. Trowelling of concrete mix certainly reduces the risk of concrete cracking, increases its quality and reduces uneven drying. Nevertheless, the primary task of trowels is to remove all kinds of irregularities before the concrete fully hardens. Trowelling of concrete mix certainly reduces the risk of concrete cracking, increases its quality and reduces uneven drying. Nevertheless, the primary task of trowels is to remove all kinds of irregularities before the concrete fully hardens.

Different types of Trowels

The choice of the right trowel depends on many factors. Above all, the main factor is whether your construction site is a small house or a large hall. We can distinguish primarily walk-behind trowels and more professional - ride-on trowels. An important issue will also be whether we have an available power source in place - then we are able to use power trowels. Electric walk-behind trowels are ideal for closed and poorly ventilated rooms due to zero exhaust emission. Devices with an internal combustion engine are perfect solution for construction sites where we do not have a permanent power supply and wherever we need high-power devices. They are mostly used for trowelling concrete on larger surfaces in well-ventilated rooms

  • Walk-behind trowels are primarily practical due to their construction. Their advantage is that they are very convenient and we can use them in hard to reach places. Such devices can be used to pre-smooth, additionally trowel and polish the concrete. We can also adjust the power trowel in terms of power, working diameter or balancing measure.
  • Ride-on trowels are a higher class of equipment. Of course, it is not about quality, but about the power and diameter of work. This means that power trowels are used mainly where you need to smoothen large surfaces. The word "ride- on" indicates that it rides itself and so it is in reality. The operator does not have to walk and use physical force, but can sit down and operate the machine. Designers have many interesting solutions to offer such as an integrated trolley for transporting blades, adjustable speed range (smaller for smoothing, greater for polishing) and facilities for the operator.

blades, plates and accessories for trowels

It is worth paying attention to the elements that are in direct contact with the concrete and floor layer.As vehicle tires, blades will affect the final result.

We can distinguish among others:

  • angle blades
  • finishing blades
  • float pans
  • combination blades

What are angle trowels?

The biggest question that pops out in trowels discussion is the difference between "angle trowels or edge trowels".Both names refer to a manual trowel with small diameters, which is characterized by the ease of use. It is used for trowelling the concrete in hard to reach places, among others for connecting walls with the floor, next to poles, etc.

We recommend the KREBER K-600 E electric walk-behind trowel

This trowel is intended for trowelling and smoothing concrete floors in housing construction.

  • Adjustable steering arm
  • Universal electric motor 230 V,
  • Optionally, you can order a dedicated transport trolley that facilitates transport of the machine
  • The working width is 600 mm

We also recommend the KREBER K-436-2-T / 630 "BLIŹNIAK" ride-on trowel. You can find all necessary information at our website.

We encourage you to read and comment on our articles so that you, as customers, could make a significant contribution to what will be written here. Isprzęt.pl is an online store for people who treat construction work very seriously, but also for those who would like to compare products or use professional advice on how to properly handle them.It is worth to remember that time and money can be saved by relevant investments.

See you next week!


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