What does the mitre saw match?
What does the mitre saw match?

What does the mitre saw match?

What is the mitre saw for? Both amateurs and professionals in the field of wood processing will appreciate the possibilities of the mitre saw. It is a very precise tool that can be used not only in the wood industry but also for cutting metal parts. Let's check what specific tasks the mitre saw is used for.

Mitre saw – construction and application

The mitre saw is quite simple, but also a characteristic tool. It is used for processing long elements made of wood, metal or plastic. It also allows for precise setting of cutting parameters. This device consists of a circular saw, placed on a movable arm, and the whole is placed on a stable countertop.

What distinguishes a mitre saw from other cutting tools? It is valued primarily for the precision of cutting at various angles. Where can you usually find this type of equipment? For example in furniture factories, for which the precision of individual elements is extremely important. This solution will also work in window joinery. Despite the specificity of the mitre saw operation, it can be used to perform many popular tasks.

Mitre saw – what parameters shall we pay attention to?

Choosing a good mitre saw may seem to be a problem. First of all, it is not cheap equipment, so the purchase should be given careful consideration.

The basic criterion are the parameters of cutting the saw at a set angle. Each miter saw is able to process material at an angle of at least 45° to 90°. However, single-sided and double-sided mitre saws are available on the market. This means that when deciding to buy a one-sided slash we will be forced to rotate the material for more advanced projects. It is also worth paying attention to the possible deflection angles and rotational speed, which should be adapted to the type of material.

The origin of the equipment is also important. If the saw is to serve a long and trouble-free operation, then you should trust only on proven manufacturers - e.g. Milwaukee. The purchase of branded tools is a guarantee of solid performance and safety of use. That is why at isprzet.pl we only have products of proven brands.

Recommended mitre saws

We present our suggestions, proven and solid mitre saws manufactured by Milwaukee. If you have questions or a problem with choosing the right solution, please contact us! We are happy to answer your questions and choose equipment that meets your expectations.


This model is perfect for basic material processing. It has a rotational speed of 3600 rpm. Allows cutting with a maximum angle of tilt and bevel of 48° to the left and 48° to the right. The saw supports blades with a diameter of 190 mm and is powered by a constant voltage of 18 V. Single battery charge with a capacity of 5 Ah, allows you to make up to 299 cuts in softwood with dimensions of 38 x 89 mm. Built-in LED lighting additionally illuminates the work surface


A proposal for more advanced professionals in their industry. The MS 304 DB offers a tilt angle of 48° to the left and 48° to the right, and a bevel angle of 55° to the left and 60° to the right. Powerful and at the same time powerful engine, spinning the dial to a maximum speed of 3900 rpm. Unlike the previous model, this one is powered from the mains and has an input power of 1800 W. The saw supports blades with a maximum diameter of 305 mm and is equipped with an additional dust extraction channel.

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