Vacuum lifting devices- Catchshift

Vacuum lifting devices- Catchshift

We are continually expanding to provide you with a wide range of products. In today's article, we are happy to present the CatchShift brand, a Polish company specializing in the production of vacuum lifting devices. Over 10 years of experience in the vacuum machine sector puts the company at a very high position among the competition. The manufacturer's offer includes five vacuum lifting devices and a wide range of accessories. All machines were developed and produced in Polish factories by CatchShift engineers. The production takes place using the latest technologies.The manufacturer also provides the opportunity to take advantage of an annual service inspection, which consists in carefully checking the vacuum lifter and replacing the elements that require it to ensure maximum efficiency of the device and work safety.

What are the vacuum lifters for?

Vacuum devices are used for non-invasive conveyance of concrete elements, curbs, plates or concrete pipes. Vacuum lifter is sucked into concrete elements thanks to negative pressure. First of all, this solution allows for safe and accurate work. Secondly, it enables precise laying of even large concrete slabs with appropriate gaps. What is of paramount importance, the suction plate does not leave any marks on the elements. Vacuum lifters effectively prevent damage to materials, which often happens when working with traditional methods. The great advantage of using vacuum lifters is also the increase in work efficiency. CatchShift devices were manufactured in accordance with applicable and strict safety standards.

Recommended models

Catchshift Mickey100

The discussed model is the smallest lifter from the manufacturer's offer. Equipped with an electric vacuum pump with a maximum power of 1700 W, it provides excellent performance and job security. The capacity depends on the suction plate installed and depending on the model chosen it can be from 38 kg up to 100 kg. The suction plates are also available in various sizes, which increases the possibility of configuration. The device is designed to be operated by two people. Perfect for paving works when lifting concrete, pavement or curb slabs. The gripper with a 40 × 40 suction cup weighs 26 kg.

The features of the Mickey 100 model

  • The time required for sucking is about 1 second.
  • Compact design allows easy transport and quick assembly.
  • The device complies with the EN 13155 standard, which in turn ensures the highest standard of safety.
  • The vacuum pump is powered by 230 volts.

It is also worth mentioning the Catchshift Mickey 155 model, which thanks to its more robust design, ensures maximum lifting capacity of up to 155 kg.

Catchshift Wolf 2000

This machine is designed to work when moving components with a maximum weight of up to 2000 kg. The machine is available with an internal combustion engine. The gasoline engine thanks to the 3.6-litre fuel tank allows for long and uninterrupted operation. Fuel consumption during intensive work is less than 2 l/h. The device has been prepared to work with the use of heavy machineries, such as a crane, telescopic loader or forklift. Despite its small dimensions, the device has excellent performance. Remote control is included in the set, which allows you to control the operation of the device from a safe place. With its help, it is possible to start the pump or turn it off to suck or suck concrete elements. The filter purity indicator and fuel gauge are installed in the front. The vacuum lifter is sold without any accessories required for work. The suction cup and upper handle must be purchased separately.

Model Catchshift Wolf 4000 is a version with a much stronger structure, so it is able to lift concrete elements with a maximum weight of up to 4000 kg.

Catchshift Bear 6000

The Catchshift Bear 6000 is the largest and most powerful vacuum lifting device from the Catchshift manufacturer with a weight of 215 kg. The machine is used for lifting, rotating and transporting concrete slabs and prefabricates with a weight of up to 6000 kg. The device is available in the version with an electric and combustion vacuum pump. The pump with electric power has a maximum capacity of 106 m³/h, while the combustion version has a capacity of 60 m³/h. The Bear 6000 lifter should be suspended in a free position on a crane, forklift or telescopic loader. It is of paramount importance that the suction cups of the Wolf model are compatible with the Bear model. The vacuum lifting device is ideally suited for the paving, construction, production or drainage industries. Optionally, you can buy a special beam for the device, which allows the installation of several suction cups. The length of the beam is up to 3 meters. The lifter also copes well with porous concrete elements.

Thanks to its rich product offer and a wide range of accessories, Catchshift becomes no.1  manufacturer of vacuum devices. The choice of devices from a Polish manufacturer is primarily a guarantee of quality and reliability. If you are interested, you just have to see what we have prepared in our offer.  Do not hesitate to contact our customer service staff if you have any questions. Write to us at the email address or call 731-431-134.

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