Universal, durable, thought out. Brenderup trailers

Universal, durable, thought out. Brenderup trailers

In every construction or transport company, the trailer plays a significant role. A wide range of models allows you to choose the perfect solution to suit your needs. The leader on the market is undoubtedly Brenderup, which in its offer has a rich set of trailers for various applications. Especially for you, we have prepared an overview of the offer of a reputable manufacturer, selecting the most exciting models.

To a small company

The 2000 series includes trailers for consumer use and intended for use in small businesses. They are characterised by a low loading threshold and high sides, which allows the transport of very unusual goods. In models 2260 and 2300, we also find lateral strengthening of the side and tilting function. All trailers in this series have internal lashing clamps. The payload of individual models ranges from 325 to 1620 kilograms. The manufacturer offers one- and two-axle trailers with or without brakes.

Reinforced axles distinguish the 3000 series with a payload of up to 750 kilograms. Model 3251 offers the possibility of opening all sides. Internal handles are also available, and the large platform allows for the trouble-free transport of even large loads. In this series we will find models:

  • 3205 S with a load capacity of 255 to 605 kg,
  • 3250 S with a payload from 338 to 588 kilograms,
  • Biaxial 3251 ST with a load capacity from 300 to 550 kilograms.

The manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories, including large tarpaulin, flat tarpaulin, mesh extensions and side extensions.

Medium-sized trailers

All Brenderup service trailers have wheels mounted under the floor; this solution allows for larger cargo space. Models for medium business are characterised by the possibility of opening all sides, which will enable you to load goods using a forklift.

Trailers of the 4000 series with a V-shaped drawbar and steel profile protecting the platform, a total of four models with a capacity of 510 to 1620 kilograms. Single- and double-axle versions are available, with or without brakes.

Series 5000 are two-axle trailers designed for transporting heavy loads. These models offer a fastening system and professional locks. The series is represented by four models with a loading capacity of 1335 to 2845 kilograms. All have been equipped with a brake.

Models for professional applications

Brenderup professional trailers is a class in itself. The manufacturer equipped them with a steel floor and tilting function using an electric hydraulic pump, which facilitates the transport of loose materials. BT series trailers have internal integrated mounting hooks. The two-axle Back Tipper with brakes offers a payload of 1370 kilograms.

The 3WT series includes two-axis models with a three-sided pivoting system. The chassis was hot-dip, and the floor was made of high-grade steel. Trailers of this series are created for transporting gravel and other loose materials. They reach a load capacity from 2,500 to 3,500 kilograms. The equipment includes a toolbox on the drawbar and hydraulic electric pump.

Unitransporter is the perfect solution for customers looking for a trailer for transporting construction equipment. The trailer has been equipped with an access ramp, a base for the winch and internal mounting brackets. Its payload is 1895 kg.

The 6000 series includes trailers with a payload of up to 2,500 kilograms. They have a tilting function and holders for securing the load. Model 6520 with dimensions 518x204x35 cm is great for transporting large items.

MT series trailers are very well suited for the transport of small construction machines, such as mini excavators. Loading is much easier thanks to a long ramp and lateral steps. The largest model in the series is the MT-3651 with a payload of up to 2,720 kilograms.

Cargo trailers are models from the 7000 series have been developed for demanding customers who value quality and reliability. Cargo trailers are ideal for transporting cargo that needs to be covered or closed. The roof is made of transparent material, thanks to which the interior is perfectly lit. As a standard, trailers are equipped with a non-slip floor and internal mounting brackets.

For transporting vehicles and boats

Brenderup offers a very successful Autotransporter series that stands out with a welded frame. All models are equipped with a hydraulic tilting function and an anti-slip ramp. The primary element of equipment is a winch. The Auto U120B model with a payload capacity up to 2440 kg offers the most excellent opportunities.

The MC series is a proposal for transporting motorcycles. Brenderup offers a single axis model MC 2 with a payload of up to 618 kilograms. The trailer is equipped with a tilting lighting panel and mounting brackets.

Boat trailers are intended for transporting boats at short distances. As standard, they have been equipped with a roller system and a winch, which, combined with a well-thought-out design, enables safe loading and unloading of the boat.

All Brednerup transporters can be equipped with a spare wheel bracket, anti-theft device, support wheel and spare wheel holder.


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