Tyrolit - the best wall saws in its class

Tyrolit - the best wall saws in its class

Wall saws by Tyrolit are top-class equipment that is trusted by entrepreneurs all over the world. The manufacturer's offer is tailored to the needs of various companies. The range of products includes saws for less demanding tasks as well as real work titans.


The smallest Tyrolit model and the lightest wall saw in its class, has a cutting depth of up to 315 mm. The equipment is very user-friendly, mainly due to its compact design and easy handling. To start working, all you need to do is connect the power and water cables.
The saw is powered by a P2 motor with 16 A protection. The system optimised lightweight rail and blade guard ensure high versatility of the device. Besides, the equipment has a remote control function using a handy remote control.


The device offers a cutting depth of up to 520 mm. P2 motor without gears is responsible for the drive, thanks to which the unit requires no maintenance. It is a universal device that will work on any construction site. It is worth noting the equipment with TYROLIT Hydrostress modules with four possible applications: wall saws, rope saws, rope circulating saws and drilling rigs.
The saw can be controlled remotely using a radio remote control. The engine operates in the range of 16 A and 32 A.


Saw intended for the hardest tasks. It offers a cutting depth of up to 1005 mm and is distinguished by very robust construction and a 26 kW motor. An essential element of the saw is a two-stage gear drive that allows you to optimise the rotational speed and engine torque.
It uses the All-In-One shield cover for normal, angled and wall cuts. Also, it is worth distinguishing the presence of the cooling water bypass line, thanks to which the device can run dry. The remote control function increases the operator's safety.


This very popular and compact saw offers a cutting depth of up to 510 mm. The equipment is chosen by entrepreneurs, who primarily care about cutting precision and fast work speed. When using hydraulic drives up to 20 kW, it is possible to use discs with diameters up to 1200 mm.
The saw was equipped with a shield for standard cutting and wall mounting. The accuracy and convenience of work are influenced by sliding guidance with an ergonomic locking system and precise adjustment.


It is a convenient, lightweight model with a cutting depth of up to 710 mm. The saw head is partly made of aluminium alloy, thanks to which it was possible to reduce the weight of the device and at the same time increase its durability. The head is also easy to dismantle.
It is worth noting the presence of a quick coupler in the saw arm, which facilitates the rapid exchange of the blade, especially when cutting against the wall. The use of hydraulic drives with a power output of 25 kW allows you to use discs with diameters up to 1600 mm.


It offers cutting depths up to 1005 mm with a very durable head and a swivel arm with gear transmission. Thus, we are dealing with equipment for carrying out demanding construction works.
A characteristic feature of the device is the collar of the quick clamping of the blade in the head of the head. After using hydraulic drives with 40 kW output, the saw can handle discs up to 2200 mm in diameter. Besides, the oil overflow connection is located in the main engine.

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