Topcon - Measuring equipment for professionals

Topcon - Measuring equipment for professionals

Topcon needs no introduction. Is a Japanese company founded in 1932, specializing in the production of measuring devices. Topcon provides the best geodetic solutions on the market, systems for agriculture and industry, and is also rapidly developing in medicine. Long experience in the industry and the latest technology puts the company at the forefront. The company is famous for the highest quality optics used in optical devices as well as for the latest solutions and production technologies.


  • Excellent quality - each product, before launch, must undergo a series of tests confirming all the functions assumed at the design stage.
  • Easy to use - Topcon measuring devices are ready to work right out of the box.
  • Reliability - Topcon devices are reliable in every, even the most demanding and adverse conditions.
  • Accuracy - all Topcon devices have been designed with the highest efficiency in mind. Thanks to this, each task can be completed at the first attempt.



In our offer, you will find a full range of Topcon products for use in construction and geodesy.


Topcon offers one of the most precise optical levels on the market. It is worth highlighting the Topcon AT-B4A model, i.e. the most popular and best-selling optical level in Poland. The instrument is characterized by the highest quality optics, which is perfectly protected against fogging and ensures the highest image sharpness. Levelling accuracy is up to 2 mm/km. Thanks to the magnetic compensator, the device guarantees accurate measurements even on unstable areas. The compensator's task is to level the device during minor deviations automatically. The instrument has been properly sealed, which is guaranteed by the IPX6 standard. It enables work during heavy rain or in dusty conditions. The device has a full spectrum of applications and was created for surveyors, road workers, builders and archaeologists.

Other models of optical levels from the Japanese company are Topcon AT-B3A and Topcon AT-B2, respectively. At, all devices are also sold in a set with a tripod and a staff.


Pipe laser Topcon TP-L5G

Laser levels

Topcon is famous for the highest quality measuring devices, and it is no different in the case of rotational levels. These devices are characterized by the highest measurement accuracy on the market. One of the most advanced long-range levels is the Topcon RL-200 2S Digital model. The device with the sensor has a range of over 1100 m in diameter, which means that it can be used in an area of ​​over 100 ha. Very important functionality is the ability to determine declines in two directions up to +/- 25%. Thanks to the large and legible display, all values, ​​including the angle of inclination, can be entered digitally. Measurement accuracy is +/- 1.7 mm per 50 m, which is an impressive result. Rl-200 2S is a perfect solution for operators of heavy construction machines and machine control systems. The housing meets the IP66 standard, which makes it possible to work in rain and dust. Appropriate protection of the rotary head protects it against any mechanical damage. Topcon provides a 5-year warranty on all of its laser levels. All rotational levels, including the RL-200 2S, are manufactured in Japan, which guarantees excellent quality.

The manufacturer also has cheaper models in the offer, including Topcon RL-SV2S or Topcon TP-L5B, Topcon TP-L5A, and the green beam version, Topcon TP-L5BG and Topcon TP-L5G respectively. The recently introduced novelty is the Topcon RL-H5A rotational level. All models are also sold in specially prepared sets.


An innovative solution from Topcon, which allows maximum automation of excavation work. The machine control system informs the operator of heavy construction equipment, e.g. excavator, at what depth the blade is currently located. This allows for full automation of the process of dimensioning the depth of excavations. Now only operators can do this type of work.

One of our top sensors is the Topcon LS-B10 model - the cheapest solution. The sensor is mounted on the excavator blade, and large and legible LED indicators give the height. The LS-B10 sensor is universal because it can also be used for standard levelling with a measuring rod. The laser beam is received in the 270° range. The sensor working temperature is between -20°C and +50°C. Three AA alkaline batteries provide the power supply. The device can work up to 100 hours on one set of batteries. Due to the device's operating characteristics, it has IP66 protection class.

The manufacturer's offer also includes more advanced systems, including the Topcon LS-B110 with a larger professional sensor that receives a 360° beam. By far the most professional solution is the Topcon LS-B110W Pro model, which has a wireless cabin receiver.

Topcon is a leading manufacturer of measuring devices. Choosing the right solution tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers can often be very complicated. We encourage you to contact our sales department at the email address or phone number 731-431-134. We will choose the best solution for you.

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