Top class hammers for various applications - Halder

Top class hammers for various applications - Halder

All our clients know well that we have not used to recommend equipment that has not convinced us of quality and functionality. We can only write about Halder hammers in superlatives. These are products that should be in the workshop of every professional. Do you have enough of amateur rams whose shanks are bursting without reason? Are you looking for equipment that stands for maximum versatility? Be sure to check out the offer of Halder hammers.

Halder Simplex

The hammers from this series are undoubtedly the showcase of the company. It is difficult to be surprised if we are dealing with such innovative, durable and practical equipment. The hammers consist of easily disassembled inserts of different hardness, which also can be combined into pairs. This means that you no longer need to have two separate sticks for various applications. One piece of equipment is enough for you to perform, for example, paving and sheet metal work, which is incredibly convenient.

Simplex hammers are available with a wooden handle or made of fibreglass. You can also choose the type of housing. As a standard, it is made of aluminium or steel alloy, but models with a casing made of reinforced steel alloy are also available.

The choice of hammers is vast. You can choose a universal model, for heavy work or 50:40 - the latter is particularly interesting because it can be used with inserts of different diameters.

Halder Baseplex

As you can guess, Baseplex is the primary hammers offered by Halder. Specifically, we are dealing here with two models: EH3906 and EH3908. It's an excellent choice for a home workshop, but these hammers will also manage well in professional applications. They were equipped with interchangeable inserts of cellulose and nylon. The design is completed by a wooden handle and a zinc die-cast housing.

Halder Supercraft & Secural

The Supercraft rifle hammer is a proposition for those who want to work not only quickly but also safely and comfortably. The unique construction of the equipment ensures the protection of the joints by levelling the recoil effect. Hammers work very well in sheet metal and workshop work, but there are also models for heavy applications, including shutters.

Secure hammers are the perfect solution for companies dealing in laying parquet floors and generally performing various works in corners. The equipment gives the possibility of using soft inserts that significantly reduce noise during operation and also protect delicate assembly elements.

Halder MaxXcraft

These are hammers for typical locksmith work. They are distinguished by great versatility, but their most important feature is the patented system connecting the head of the hammer with the handle. What does this mean in practice? You must use much less strength to complete the task, and your joints are well protected from overload.

Halder Ferroplex EH3677

This is an exciting model that we can especially recommend to people doing sheet metal work, but at the same time looking for a handy and universal hammer for years. The equipment is equipped with replaceable nylon inserts with low abrasiveness - it lasts for a very long time. The hammer shaft has been covered with a thick layer of rubber for a more secure grip.

Halder is not only hammers but also equipment for forestry work - the combination of a hammer and axe is efficient and enables quick splitting of even round logs, without the need for an additional wedge.

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